How EasySignage Works

Get started with EasySignage in 3 simple steps!

To Get Started, All You Need

  • 1


    You’ll require a screen or player to showcase your content effectively.

  • 2

    PC or Laptop

    Ensure you have a laptop or PC connected to the internet for smooth digital signage management.

  • 3

    EasySignage Software

    You need to download and install the EasySignage software to start creating captivating digital displays.

Step 1 - Create Free Account

Sign up for free; no credit card required. To create an account, you can sign up manually by entering your email address and password or use the quick sign-in option by using your existing Google or Microsoft Account. The free account will always be free for one screen.

free digital signage account

Step 2 - Install EasySignage Player

Our digital signage software is available for free download and installation. It can be used with any screen you have. Alternatively, you can opt for the EasySignage player that comes pre-loaded with the EasySignage software. The player is ready to be used; just plug and play.

Install EasySignage Player
install digital signage player

Step 3 - Connect your screen to your free account

After installing the EasySignage player, add your screen’s Hash ID to the free account you created on the web management console.

Connect Your Screen
connect your screen

Done! Your Digital Signage is Live

Start creating content and send it to your screen with just a few clicks. It's that easy!

digital signage content

Try EasySignage Now for FREE Using Your Web Browser

You can try EasySignage right away using our web player. Use a Chromium-based browser like Google Chrome, Microsft Edge, or Opera, and turn your browser into a live digital signage player!

Try Web Player
EasySignage Web Player

Free Digital Signage Templates

Manage your screens and create stunning designs for your digital signage displays. Choose a template -> Customise it -> Send it to your screen in no time!

digital signage templates