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What is a Digital Signage Reseller?

EasySignage reseller program offers you our digital signage solution at a discounted rate, enabling you to re-sell it to your clients. As a reseller, you can white-label our solution, which means you can sell it under your brand name. You set your own prices according to your business strategy. Additionally, you will have access to an admin portal to manage your customers’ accounts and licenses. If you are looking for a reliable digital signage solution to help you grow, the EasySignage reseller program is for you! Apply now to become an EasySignage partner.

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    Contact us

    Fill up the above form. We will send you an email with further details and a link to an NDA to sign.

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    Sign the NDA

    Upon signing the NDA, we will inquire about your business and provide you with additional information, including pricing.

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    Get your admin portal and start selling

    Your logo and domain configuration are needed, and then you will be all set to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are delighted to respond to any inquiries you may have.

You will be billing your clients at the price rate that fits your market and send us orders accordingly; our payment term is 30 days net.
Certainly, you will receive an admin management tool that allows you to control and monitor your solution. This tool enables you to add users and manage licenses on your own, without needing to contact us. By staying in control, you can accomplish tasks more efficiently.
EasySignage’s white-labeling service will be offered as a managed service, so there is no need for you to be concerned about the infrastructure. We will manage it on your behalf.
The short answer is unlimited. We have partnered with Google Cloud Platform to power Easysignage, leveraging the latest technology trends from Google, EasySignage is a distributed system with no one point of failer, designed with the serverless technology, the system automatically scales up to serve millions of requests without any downtime.
Our support level is Level 2, which means that you will attempt to resolve your clients’ issues on your own. If you require assistance, we will be available to assist you.