Digital Signage Features

EasySignage is fully loaded with the latest digital signage features that you will ever need

Powered By Google

EasySignage is powered by Google Cloud Platform, creating an enterprise-level product that is accessible worldwide.


EasySignage is a user-friendly digital signage software that offers all the necessary features for effortless utilization.

Offline Operation

EasySignage is designed to download the media files to the local storage and work offline in case of any network failure.

Proof of play

Proof of play provides statistics about media playback, with exportable reports, you can monitor your content and build advertisement campaigns.

Native Performance

The EasySignage Android player is a native application that leverages the maximum resources available on the Android platform.

Android Player

Supports All Android players/displays (Android 5 and above).

Media Lifetime

Display your content within specific time and date interval.

Video wall

The most feasible way to build a video wall using Android players only without expensive video wall devices.


Create as many content playlists as you like. Playlists can be assigned to a single display or to a group of displays.


Displays can be grouped to share the same content and settings.


Scheduling your content was never that easy, create multiple schedules, assign multiple playlists, plan for a week, month or even a year.

Automatic Software Updates

Displays software will be automatically updated (Rooted Devices).

Live Content Updates

Displays will receive the latest content updates directly once the content is published.

Power Management

Control and schedule your displays to turn off/on at a specific date/time to save resources. (Check FAQ)

Audit log

Using our audit log function, you may examine the history of your team and account occurrences. In an easy-to-understand form, discover who did what and when.


Get statistics for each player with two weeks history to help you determine which displays are not performing as expected.

Multiple Account Managers

Grant other users access to your account.

Teams Management

Provide users with access to specific screens and content.

Google Maps integration

See where your displays are on maps with offline/online status.


Get an Auto email when something goes wrong with your display so you can fix it before your clients notice.

Unlimited storage

Get unlimited storage for all your content without any additional charges (check FAQ).


Split your screen into multiple layers, use the pre-defined layouts or customize your own.


Tags limit the display of media content on specific screens with matching tags.

11 Languages

English - 中文 - Español - عربى - Português - русский - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - ελληνικά - Hrvatski