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Frequently Asked Questions

We share a whopping 30% of our gross revenue for the first year with our affiliates who lead the customer.
You hold the lead with a generous 60-day cookie window, even if the visitor keeps stumbling across other affiliate pages. You'll be able to keep the lead for up to 60 days.
When one of your leads becomes a paid subscriber, we hold commissions for 60 days before paying out. We distribute payouts to your chosen PayPal Account after the 60-day safe period expires.
We share 30% of our gross sales with EasySignage paid tier subscribers for the first year. You keep earning for the first year's 12 consecutive billing cycles (that's one year) if you're a "monthly" customer. You will be paid a fee for the first payment of "EasySignage's annual plans" subscribers you referred. downtime.
Basically, no cap on how much you can earn. There is, however, a cap per customer. We will continue to pay you until you reach a total of 2,000$ per customer, or for the first year after this customer's first payment, whichever comes first. So, if you sell 10 screens to a customer on a monthly plan, you'll be getting 10 x 9.98 x 30% = 29.94$ per month for a year (which is 359.28$), or if you sell 100 screens on a yearly plan to a customer you will get 2000$

Join now FREE, get your tracking link

Joining the program couldn't be easier