Why You Should Consider White-Labelled Digital Signage Solution?

Why You Should Consider White-Labelled Digital Signage Solution?

White labelling can be defined as legally getting another manufacturer to create a product for you, that can be sold under your brand name. This is a common practice in the electronics, software, and FMCG industries, to name just a few. White-labelled digital signage solutions are an excellent way to scale the business and stay ahead of the curve for those in the IT systems or AV industries.

Digital signages are growing all over the world, and along with it is the competition. More companies are entering the market to start digital signage businesses, and buyers are asking for innovative solutions. White-labelled digital signages offer significant advantages to both new entrants and established players in the business to make it easy for them to scale and command better prices.

Benefits of White Labeled Digital Signages

1- You don’t have to invest in building it

Designing a digital signage solution is a time-consuming affair with many potential pitfalls. You have to ensure that the software is stable, can scale without issues, and is market-ready within the given deadline. Plus, it’s expensive to hire and maintain the team needed to build it. You will also be preventing them from working on other projects to the detriment of your business. White-labelled digital signage does away with the need for such investments and helps you optimize your resources.

2- You can focus on your business

As developers know, even the most well-planned development programs can run into trouble. There will be delays. A home-grown solution will also require constant maintenance and updates that will slow down the entire operation. With a white-labelled solution, most of these problems are outsourced. Someone else creates the product, leaving you free to focus on the core competencies of your business, and planning better ways to market it.

3- You get faster to market

Developing digital signage software will take a significant amount of time. Even when there is a finished product, there could be problems in its application. These are especially big deterrents for those who want to start a digital signage business. But when you opt for a white-labelled digital signage solution, you have a market-ready product in a matter of days. This means you can get faster to the market without worrying about development schedules and delays. This significantly lowers entry barriers for new players.

4- You own the brand

You are the legal custodian of white-labelled digital signage. You can have your brand name and logo on it, and your customers will know it as your product. They won’t be able to contact the manufacturer for any of their maintenance needs. They will approach you, and you get to offer them the signage as the solution. As you become established as a reliable brand, you develop expertise and authority in the digital signage business.

5- You determine the price

Other than what you save in development, with white-labelled digital signage, you get to determine the price. White-labelled products in general offer the opportunity of higher margins as manufacturers too are focused on lowering costs. Depending on your business plan, you now have the freedom to choose a higher margin for the product, which will boost your profits.

6- You can scale your business

When you get fully-made products, you also get the freedom to design multiple suites of services. That means you can offer a free white-labelled digital signage solution, or add premium features and price accordingly. This makes it easy to scale your business as you can now focus on marketing and service support instead of research and development. The fact that it’s sold under your brand name also makes it easy for you to market it. As more customers associate your name with their digital signages, it becomes easy to command better prices and scale your business.

Considering the significant and credible advantages white-labelled digital signages offer, businesses should consider opting for them. But while doing so, they should ensure that the software meets certain critical standards. This is important as problems are likely to occur as you begin to scale. They should test to ensure that it’s stable and can seamlessly support multiple platforms. The developers should also be aware of any updates or additional features that the manufacturer is working on, to make sure that the current version doesn’t get redundant any time soon.

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