Digital Signage Ideas for College Campuses

Digital Signage Ideas for College Campuses


Digital signage keeps getting better and better, plus more accessible. It also offers enormous benefits in comparison to traditional signage.

You may find that college campuses can benefit massively from the use of digital signage. This is because college campuses require people to stay up to date constantly. And with the amount of information being learned on a daily basis, the people of the campus are going to appreciate seeing things take a step into the future.

As a highly important place, you will want to keep a college campus in its most optimal state. Here, we will be taking a look at some of the best ways you can use your digital signage in the college campus environment.

Displaying News

Keeping everyone at the campus up to date with what is going on is essential. Back in the day, a college would require you to send out weekly newsletters to everyone, hold meetings, etc. Now, you can instantly display whatever you want electronically thanks to digital signage.

Upcoming events, campus closures, policies, and so on are some of the things that you may want to display with your digital signage. After doing this for a while, you will likely realize how much of a time saver it has been.

You can also display world events, allowing everyone to stay informed about things that are happening on a global scale. This also means that you can show uplifting news too, instead of making everyone feel tense from only hearing about the worst things that are currently happening.

The best thing about all this is that digital signage allows you to make use of videos. Think of it also like having a news channel. You can create short news videos daily, which will make everyone feel connected together and part of the college community.


College campuses are notorious for sometimes feeling like a maze. You can now make use of interactive map-like features with digital signage. If you remember going to large shopping malls, there will be a kiosk that allows you to enter the location you want to go, and then it will show you the exact directions.

This may be a little harder to set up, but once you do it will be a game changer for your college. Especially for people who are new to the place, making use of directions thanks to digital signage can make their experience a lot more enjoyable.

Before this, people would have to rely on asking staff or other people for directions. This can take up a lot of time for everyone. Print-out maps would also be quite common, and this can also be an issue if there were changes made to the campus.

Your best bet would be to have digital maps, and directions by using digital signage.

Showing Social Media Content

If you ever want to bring everyone closer together, then simply feature social media on your digital signage. This is good for a variety of reasons.

First of all, you can choose to put up certain posts from students. This allows certain people to get noticed and can add a lot of fun and entertainment to the environment. Students who are into art and performance can benefit from this hugely, as they can get recognized across the whole campus for their talents.

Staff can also take part in social media posting too. Also, keep in mind that you can use your social media to share campus news.

Social media is great for use inside college environments, in fact, Facebook was mostly used by college students as a way to get to know each other and become more connected.

Pretty much every single fast food restaurant now uses digital signage to display their menu. This means that a lot more can be displayed in less space, and that customers are able to see food items as high definition photos.

One of the biggest benefits of using digital signage for menus is that if there are any changes in pricing, you can fix it completely hassle-free since it is all digital. Also, if there is a new menu item, then they can be added instantly. If certain things go out of stock or if there is a limited amount remaining, then you can also indicate this.

Digital signage should be used in food settings all the time for the most intuitive experience possible.

Dashboards for Surveys & Sports

It seems like every college is involved with sports and has its own sporting team. Sports like football, hockey, etc. can have their scores posted onto the digital signage.

This will automatically keep the entire college interested and competitive with all the sports, and will allow students to show some pride throughout the college. Since everything is digital, you can use the screens to display even more information, like statistics for a game of soccer, or advanced player information.

Professional sports like the NBA, NFL, MLB, and so on will have detailed stats for the players. For the really enthusiastic college players, this can make them feel extra special and as if they were a pro athlete. It also allows them to show off their skills to everyone that sees it at the college. Not only that, it will give them a really good insight to themselves so they can also find out different areas where they can improve.

It’s also well known for lots of colleges to have students involved with surveys and voting for certain things. This means that you can use your digital signage to display the current status of surveys and votes.

Critical/Emergency Information

You will be surprised to find out that a large number of colleges don’t have decent emergency measures described to students and staff. In the event of something like a fire, people may be left to fend for themselves and confused as to what they should even do.

During these critical times, you can use your digital signage to announce that there is an emergency and even explain to everyone what to do and/or where to go. You can make the screens flash certain colors and display crucial messages. This is great when staff may be in certain locations in which they may have trouble receiving certain messages too.

If you have the time, you can even make each screen display a separate picture of where to go during an emergency, somewhat like the directional kiosks.

College Website & Photos

For those just starting out and wanting to experiment, one of the easiest things you can do is to simply display your college’s website. This would be a good idea to do around the entrance of the college, to help welcome new people and give them a taste of what things are like.

If people go on a trip away as part of their college experience, then these photos can be shared with everyone around the campus on the screens. This is also a good time for you to show off the website, which in some places you can make it interactive for visitors. This can make it easy for them to sign in, for example.

As part of your website, you could include a calendar that shows in detail all upcoming events that are of importance to the staff and students.


To summarize, college campuses are one of the easiest places to implement digital signage. Here is a quick recap of all the benefits we talked about:

  • Displaying College News: Upcoming events and changes that may happen around campus can easily be displayed.
  • Directions: For newcomers, or people that may just happen to be a bit lost, you can use the digital signage to help point them in the right direction in a very easy at straightword way Showing Social Media Content: You can use your digital signage to show off social media posts that were made from students, which can bring a fun atmosphere to the campus and also give talented students a chance to get recognized.
  • Menus for Cafeterias: Using your signage, you can easily showcase everything that is on the cafeteria menu. New items or price changes can easily be added too, hassle free.
  • Sports & Surveys: Keep track of your college’s performance in certain sports by showing the scores. You can even give a detailed analysis for each player. Surveys can also be kept track of too.
  • Emergency Information: in case of emergency, the digital signage can be used to display critical information about what to do and where to go. This can potentially save lives. College Website and Photos: Easily show off your college and its photos to new visitors in a slideshow format thanks to the digital signage. If your college goes on trips, you can showcase the snaps on the screen!

Digital signage is important in improving all types of experiences in all types of places. We are already starting to see digital signage in more places than regular signage!