7 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs Digital Signages

7 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs Digital Signages

One of the most ubiquitous symbols of digitalization has been the profusion of digital signages. From stand-alone grocery stores to the famed Times Square, digital signages have become the mainstay of out-of-home advertising.

According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, 75% of Americans can recall a digital signage they saw in the last month, while 52% would have seen one in the preceding week. A Swedish study found out that drivers spent more time looking at digital signages when compared to conventional hoardings. 55% of customers could also recall the message they had seen in digital signages.

No wonder then brand managers have made digital signages a significant part of their marketing communication. For marketers, especially small businesses, they offer several advantages when compared to the static, offline and conventional hoardings. Here are 7 reasons why your marketing plan needs to have digital signages as a medium.

1. They are attention-grabbing

Digital signages are a platform for creativity. They are not just adaptations of print ads or hoardings. As digital signage software and displays evolve, marketers can now bring alive their brand stories vividly in a medium rich with colors. These are attention-grabbing avenues that can stop customers in their tracks. Commercials are not reserved for televisions anymore.

2. They are focused

Digital signage software allows marketers to focus their messages targeted towards particular places and populations. A digital signage at a subway talks to a different set of customers than one situated outside a yoga studio. Marketers can now target their communication to prospective customers without having to spread it too thin. Customers are also more likely to react favorably to messages that are tailored for them. For small businesses targeting limited markets, there can be no better option than digital signages.

3. They can be customized

When ads are aimed at particular groups at given points of time, the messages can be customized. Instead of a broad message, advertisers can now reach out with specific action points. This increases the overall efficacy of brand communication, particularly for small businesses. For example, a digital signage outside a local hardware store now becomes the ideal advertising medium for a home improvement business.

4. They are interactive

Digital signage software makes the platform inherently interactive. Advertising agencies and brand managers can run audience polls, run A/B testing to figure out which communication works, hold contests, run localized promotions, etc. Cloud digital signages make the collection and analysis of the data exceedingly easy. Armed with this research, marketers can know which campaign is working and which is not. It also makes it the perfect medium to gauge audience interest before a product or service is launched.

5. They are cost-effective

One of the biggest advantages of digital signages is its cost-effectiveness. Ad space on television and print can be prohibitively expensive. This is especially true for small businesses and independent tradesmen who don’t have access to big marketing budgets. Digital signage software gives flexibility to small businesses to show their message only at select places and only during select points of time. This reduces wastage and increases effectiveness.

6. They are great for video

Video is the fastest-growing form of content. Airing a commercial on television is extremely difficult for those without large budgets and marketing teams. With digital signages, even small businesses can now communicate through videos to their selected audience groups. A video can also engagingly tell a story as opposed to a print ad that can’t be evocative beyond a point. With video production costs coming down, any small business with a creative idea and a smartphone can now produce and air their videos on a digital signage.

7. They give last-mile CTA

Digital signage software makes it easy to locate shoppers at various points of their customer journeys. This empowers marketers to target customers and prospects with relevant and compelling messages. For example, grocery stores can now run specific offers for shoppers inside the premises. This is cost-efficient, and an excellent way to reach and convert captive audiences. If customers respond strongly to a specific Call to Action, the marketer will know which offers to run in the future.

The beauty of digital signages is that it’s accessible to everyone. Big brands and small businesses across categories can now use the freedom and flexibility of digital signages to increase reach, audience engagement, and scale their businesses.

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