Best Ideas for your Dental Digital Signage in 2022

Best Ideas for your Dental Digital Signage in 2022


Since the invention of digital signage, several industries have entirely changed.

You may have noticed that ordering food at a fast food restaurant has been a totally different experience, or you may have been surprised that your attention may have been caught by a fragrance ad that plays a video. Digital signage allows many more possibilities in comparison to traditional signage.

After just getting your digital signage up, you may be overwhelmed as to what to even display. There are quite literally endless possibilities, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you happen to have no idea what to do.

Here, we look at some of the top ideas that you can use for your dental signage in 2022.

Live Queue

To start off, one of the most useful and important features that you can implement by far is having a live view of the waiting queue. Think back to the numerous instances you had where you got a little impatient after waiting at a medical clinic, not knowing when you are finally going to be ready.

By using your digital signage, you are able to seamlessly display the numbers of each patient in order, so that they can instantly figure out when they are ready to head inside.

If you want things to be extra smooth for the dentist staff, you should be able to even add a feature that tells the patients in the waiting room when they are able to actually walk into the dentist’s room - as opposed to having the dentist walk out into the waiting room every single time the next patient is ready.

Having no idea where your place is in a queue can unsurprisingly make everyone feel like things are going to take forever, and huge amounts of frustration can happen. Try to imagine how difficult and impractical it would be to use a queue system on signage that isn’t digital too.

The digital queue signage makes life easier not only for the patients but the dentists and reception staff too. No longer will patients approach the receptionist staff at the desk, asking multiple times when they are going to go in.

Showcasing Products

One of the best things to take advantage of with digital signage is the fact that you can easily add videos. This is absolutely perfect if you want to showcase/advertise some products that are available at your dental practice.

If you sell your own electric toothbrushes, for example, you are able to market them in a way that shows off all their bells and whistles. The best thing is that patients are almost always going to see it. This is because there obviously isn’t a whole lot that you can do when in a waiting room besides mindlessly playing on your phone.

Maybe you sell your own mouthwash and want to showcase the benefits of using it. Now, you can spend as much time as you want to show it off.

Make use of digital signage hardware to display your products in sharp clarity and have the patients very engaged.

Again, it really is just like having a free advertisement, and the best thing is that you will automatically have your target audience watching it right in front of you.

Displaying Important Info

With digital signage, you are no longer limited to physical space. For instance, with traditional signage, if you want to display lots of information, you would have to put multiple signs around - since traditional signs do not have screens and cannot magically change.

Digital signage means that you can have a clean and minimalistic setting and be able to display crucial and important information to the patients in a very practical way.

For instance, if the clinic needs to shut down temporarily due to construction or maintenance - then you can quickly make everyone aware. If there is a limited number of bookings available, then you can easily display the exact number of spaces available in a live format.

If there is a hold-up and the patients will experience a higher waiting time, then you can quickly and easily display this with the reasoning thanks to the digital signage.

Present the Staff

For even more impact, displaying the staff of the clinic to the patients with digital signage can be a game changer. For instance, try showing a photo of each dentist in a slideshow format and then provide a brief description. Talk about their education, how long they have worked at the practice and so on.

This will allow the patients to feel a little more connected with their dentist and will provide a great amount of comfort and form a customer relationship.

You can also display some information about the building. Let’s say that your dental practice is just a small section within a large building, and then you can also give a brief explanation of surrounding places that might interest the customer. If you are in a significant building, then you can even mention some useful facts and information about it.

This can also be great for allowing the dentists themselves to feel more closely connected to the clinic. The dentists will feel part of a community when they see themselves displayed together on the digital signage.

Interactive Social Media

One of the latest trends to be part of the world of digital signage is interactive social media displays. This means that you can promote your social media pages, getting more followers to your accounts (which obviously comes with huge benefits).

What does it look like? Having a live count of the number of followers for certain platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. As soon as someone follows the page, the counter will go up. Unsurprisingly, this will cause a lot of people to follow just to see the counter go up.

For those that may be sceptical, social media is a huge driver in the modern world of marketing. It quite literally can be free marketing too, bringing awareness to your business thanks to the popularity of your social media page.

Although Facebook and Instagram are often referred to as the most popular social media marketing platforms, apps like TikTok have started to absolutely soar and dominate the industry.

Educate Patients

Since you are using digital signage in a medical environment, using it to educate patients is one of the most useful benefits. Thanks to videos, you can show off some advice on how to brush your teeth properly, the benefits of flossing, or when to use mouthwash.

You may also find it helpful to show off some facts about human teeth. Maybe even include some diagrams of human anatomy to bring some aesthetics to your clinic. This also gives the vibe that your clinic is sophisticated and extra-informed.

Other Things to Know:

At times, digital signage can be a little overwhelming and confusing. Once you learn the basics of what and why exactly we use digital signage, the easier things will be and the more confident you will feel.

What exactly is digital signage?

To put things simply, digital signage refers to screens that are used to display information digitally. Think of it as signs that are displayed electronically.

Digital signage is useful for a very wide variety of purposes. Not only does it save space since you can display pretty much anything on one screen, but it can also lead to a more interactive experience since you are able to have videos and other features that are not available with regular signage.

Why should dentists use digital signage?

Dentists can benefit from implementing digital signage more than other industries. This is because nearly all the benefits of digital signage will be appropriate for dentists.

Educational videos, live queues, staff introductions and more can all be used with digital signage at a dental clinic. The best thing is, it’s really easy to do. Simply getting high quality digital signage is all you really need to start.


Digital signage is the future, and in the near future it is likely that all signage will be digital. This is because digital signage brings so many benefits, in comparison to traditional signage.

Out of all the businesses that can benefit from using digital signage, dental clinics are definitely at the top of the list. This is because of the fact that patients and staff can benefit from the use.

Showcasing products by using videos with your digital signage is definitely something that dental clinics are going to love. In fact, most dental clinics that have digital signage will focus on the fact that they can showcase their products.

The live queue feature is also used by various other medical practices and has really changed the medical industry. It allows a much smoother and seamless experience for both the patients and the dentists.