Why Digital Signages are Environment-Friendly?

Why Digital Signages are Environment-Friendly?

As more small and medium enterprises want to reduce their e-waste and go green, it’s worthwhile to consider adopting digital signages. While providing higher reach, flexibility, and significant cost advantages, digital signages also are one of the most environment-friendly mediums to use.

Less printing and ink usage

Most conventional hoardings are designed for single use. For every iteration in the message, a new hoarding will have to be printed, and this leads to significant wastage of ink and printing sheets that end up in landfills. With digital signages, there is considerably less printing. The message can be changed, redesigned, and continuously updated without wasting ink.

Less power consumption

Contrary to popular perception, digital signages don’t consume much power. This is especially true for android-based digital players as they require less energy of just a few Watts. The modern LED screens, as opposed to the older LCDs, are optimized to consume less power, thereby reducing both operational costs and environmental pollution.

Optimum energy management

It’s not just that they use less energy but digital signages use smart technologies to optimize their performance. They use advanced software that can turn off screens when not used. At EasySignage, optimum power management is one of the features that we offer our clients as part of our zero wastage initiative. It’s easy to activate, schedule, and monitor.

Less e-waste

E-waste is an important issue for societies everywhere as recycling and upcycling of hardware is nowhere near the desired levels. The day is not far away when authorities may start penalizing companies for the e-waste they generate. Digital signage displays have long shelf-lives as they don’t have to be changed every time a new message is displayed. This means that they generate negligible amounts of e-waste.

Start using Digital Signage and Save the environment today

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