How Digital Signages Can Boost Employee Performance?

How Digital Signages Can Boost Employee Performance?

Employee engagement is the secret sauce to productivity, performance, and innovation. Engaged employees tend to consistently perform higher, stay longer with their organizations, and work towards realizing the larger business objectives. Digital signages are an excellent medium of internal communication that can increase employee engagement, participation, and thereby employee output.

Engaged employees feel that the organization values them enough to communicate consistently and clearly. Internal corporate communication can get monotonous and high-handed at times, primarily due to the stiffness of the medium and not the message. By being flexible, dynamic, and real-time, digital signages enable meaningful, participatory, and impactful internal communication in several ways.

Multi-platform access

With digital signages, the usual office memos can now be beamed across the workplace through digital walls, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. This ensures that the relevant audience will see the message in a format that’s easily accessible to them. They don’t have to stand around a crowded notice board or read a lengthy email. Digital signages also remove ambiguity around company policies. Without opacity, all stakeholders will know what the firm expects of them and others in the system.

Broader participation

A company’s vision and mission statements shouldn’t be just confined to webpages. Through digital signages, an organization can continuously run campaigns to unify the workforce behind a compelling vision and remind them about the opportunities and challenges the company is facing. This makes the process transparent and trustworthy. Think of digital signages as an internal advertising platform for awareness, involvement, and participation. It unifies the firm, gives it a voice, and therefore, enables employee involvement.

Tailored content

Those in accounting need not receive the same message that the marketing team receives. Digital signages give the freedom to customize internal communication according to the needs of the target audience. It also gives the power to alter it in real-time. At an individual level, it opens up a world of possibilities. For example, human resources can introduce new employees to the entire organization and highlight their skillsets. Employees and teams who would like training or skill enhancement can now get relevant modules delivered straight to them.

Talent recognition

Talent stays where it’s appreciated. Not getting recognized is one of the common reasons for employee exits. Digital signages can not only aid in talent recognition but also elegantly amplify it. High-performing employees and teams can now be congratulated at a broader level within the firm, which will also inspire others. When a company states the parameters for recognizing someone’s performance, it makes the process more meritocratic and participatory. An organization that publicly supports, encourages and appreciates its employees will foster a culture of innovation, and invite the right talent.


To be relevant and fruitful, internal communication systems have to evolve with the times. This is more important than ever during times of social distancing. Digital signages make messages relevant, accessible, and compelling. Plus, companies can figure out what’s working and what’s not in their internal communication, and then make the necessary iterations.

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