What is the Importance of Digital Signage for Small Businesses?

What is the Importance of Digital Signage for Small Businesses?

A major misconception among many small and medium business owners is that LED signages and digital signage solutions are for big businesses. That’s understandable because when they think of signages, most people think of advertising and branding messages on large screens. But a digital signage system is an effective tool for small businesses too.

Why small businesses should use digital signage systems


They are cost-effective

Those independent business owners who have adopted digital signages are happy that they have leveled the playing field with big companies. While most other marketing methods like long-term digital advertising, print advertising, and television commercials are usually out of the reach of small businesses, a digital signage solution is very much within their reach.

It’s easy to set up

It doesn’t require any extensive technical know-how to set up a digital signage system. If you use a system like EasySignage, you can set it up in a few minutes. It also doesn’t require any expertise to maintain it as the user interface is easy to use.

It’s scaleable

You don’t have to invest more than what’s needed. You can increase the number of displays as your business grows. There’s greater accountability and more efficient use of resources.

They’re dynamic

People like digital screens because they are engaging. Unlike long-form texts or the usual social media posts, digital screens can offer interesting and surprising content. That versatility increases the time audiences spend on digital displays.

They’re interactive

An LED signage isn’t meant for one-way traffic. You can display various forms of content and get the audience to engage with you. They’ll be able to follow you on social media, participate in surveys, etc.

All these combine to improve your customer experiences and increase your internal productivity. That too, with a one-time investment and complete control of how you run the system. If you’re still on the fence, as a small business owner, here are seven benefits of a digital signage solution.

7 benefits of digital signages for small businesses


1. An advertising medium

An LED screen delivers dynamic content that can get both people in your establishment and passersby interested. So, what you get from a digital signage solution are nonstop advertising opportunities.

You can inform shoppers about your products, new launches, bundled offers, and discounts. You don’t need to advertise anywhere else, which saves you a significant amount of money.

2. Better shopper experiences

If you work in retail, you know that guiding customers and answering their questions is one of your most routine tasks. If you’ve ever wondered how to automate the process, a digital signage system is your answer.

Now, customers will be able to locate products without asking the staff. If they need to return a product or get it in a different size, they’ll know the procedure. That limits the number of employees you need to assist them. And with fewer employee interactions, you’re ensuring a friction-free and seamless experience for your customers.

3. Instant communication

If you’ve got something to inform your customers, the usual means take a lot of time. It’s expensive to run an ad campaign or use billboards. If you post on social media or your website, it will take some time for your audience to notice.

But it’s different with a digital signage system. You can broadcast it in a matter of minutes. If you want to inform shoppers of a limited-time offer, this is the most effective way.

4. Easy content creation

Need to design a poster or a flyer? The usual option is to hire a designer and then go through various iterations which can be both costly and time-consuming. The best digital signage companies make it easy for anyone to create content and broadcast it.

EasySignage customers can use integrated apps like Canva that make it effortless to create layouts. Whether it’s a design for an offer or an infographic, you’ll be able to choose an existing template, make the necessary changes, and run it through the system. This also helps you develop your brand identity through the regular use of the same colors and designs.

5. Multi-media content

Running the same kind of content will alienate consumers. They don’t want monotonous content in the same media. They’re used to different forms of content on their televisions, and digital devices.

A digital signage system is built for multi-media content creation and delivery. You can run print-based content along with videos, GIFs, and interactive content. This ensures that even those people who will see your display screens for a long time won’t find it boring.

6. Integrated communication

If your small business has more than one location, a digital signage solution is one of the best ways to connect with your customers and employees. If you have several retail stores, restaurants, or healthcare centers, a digital signage system lets you integrate your communication without having to hire dedicated staff.

You can either run the same advertising campaign in all your locations or customize it according to the store or outlet. And you don’t need external help to do that.

7. Analytics

Digital signage systems differ from most other media because of the data they provide. With installed cameras, you’ll know what content attracts and engages your audiences the most. You can also know which ad campaign is more effective both in terms of the offers and the content, through the shopper activity after you broadcast it.

A digital signage solution like EasySignage is one of the best things you can invest in. It gives you a marketing channel and delivers compelling content to interest your audience. You’ll also be able to create and deliver content without any assistance while knowing what works and what doesn’t.