5 Benefits of Using Digital Signage in a Gym

5 Benefits of Using Digital Signage in a Gym

As we get back to our normal routines, customers are discovering the joys of working out in health centers and gyms. While there are health concerns, there’s also a massive opportunity for health club owners and managers to acquire and retain customers. Signages for gym can play a significant role in helping health centers do that.

Why are signages for gyms important?

Health club and gym managers have a difficult task on their hands. Over the past year and a half, people have become used to disruptions to their routines. It’s hard to forget what we’ve all been through. Especially, the social distancing norms. Work from home, online learning, and home workouts are just some of the new norms that people had to adopt.

So, there’s an understandable concern about spending time in close vicinity with others. Encouraging people to join or rejoin a gym will require some effort. Fitness center digital signages can help gym owners keep their clientele engaged and entertained. They can also reinforce brand recognition and improve loyalty.

A fitness signage system for your gym is a one-time investment that will pay dividends for a long time. It’s one of the most functional ways to differentiate your center from others. It shows that you care about your customers and will use the most modern multi-media technologies to enhance their experience.

Also, for most people, there may not be visible improvements after a month or two of joining a gym. This may discourage them from continuing their membership. But when the overall atmosphere is appealing and engaging, customers will be inclined to be a part of it.

Finally, customers are not just taking a brand’s word for it now. They go online and read the reviews from other customers to get the real picture. Most people don’t review a gym solely on what it does to their bodies. They rate it based on all the amenities, including, the locker rooms, air conditioning, and the atmosphere.

Digital signages play a significant role in improving the overall atmosphere. If you have never considered getting a digital signage fitness system, these five benefits should convince you.

5 Benefits of Using Digital Signage in a Gym


1. Information

It’s natural that people may have doubts about safety protocols in health centers. A digital signage in gym can inform people of the various measures you have taken and information about sanitization and emergency procedures.

Your displays can also become a fitness signage system. It can navigate people to the equipment and give information about the schedules. You’ll be able to inform your members about the various facilities and trainers available at your center without the need for dedicated resources.

Customers can also learn about how to use equipment without having to ask trainers. This will make them feel independent and in control of their exercise.

You can also use digital signages in the gym to give dietary guidance and other information on healthy living. With a system like EasySignage, you’ll also be able to integrate your social media handles to get followers. All customers have to do is scan your QR code to follow you on social media. This is how you build a community around your gym.

2. Motivation

As a gym manager or trainer, you know that determination and drive are what make the difference. People need to be constantly motivated to test their limits and become better versions of themselves. This is more important considering the sedentary lifestyle most of us have had over the pandemic.

A signage in gym is an effective channel to inspire the members. You can use it to communicate success stories of ordinary people or those who may have problems with their weight.

Such real-life inspirational stories can motivate the customers without making them feel unfit.

3. Entertainment

People prefer going to a gym because it’s a shared experience and it’s entertaining. It’s not just the trainers and their motivational messages that keep people going. It’s the atmosphere. And if it’s lively and engaging, people are likely to stick around.

While most people would opt to listen to music via their headphones, a digital signage system can make it a collective experience. With the right music video, your regular cardio can become entertaining. The training sessions of top athletes and sports stars can also both inspire and entertain people.

4. Promotion

In a gym, you have a captive audience to promote your services. That’s important because revenue generation and growth are a factor of cross-promotion. You can use your fitness signage system to advertise special offers, classes, limited-time discounts, and bundled services.

You can also use your signage for gym to advertise third-party products like supplements, athletic wear, health food, etc. That becomes an additional source of revenue for your gym.

5. Customization

Another way to use your gym signages is by customizing them to the needs of the individuals. If you have an aerobics class, you could have content that would appeal to those members. Similarly, you can tailor your displays according to the time of the day.

You’ll also have potential members visiting your facility. You can have a dedicated display screen to show them why your center is unique and the services that you can provide.

EasySignage for gyms

Whether you have a small gym or a multi-floored health center, EasySignage can help improve your experience and offer revenue generation opportunities. It’s easy to set up and supports a range of displays. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your digital signage up and running.

You can effortlessly add your content, and integrate your social media handles. You can also keep your gym members informed by including news apps. Importantly, the interface is exceptionally easy to use and doesn’t require any technical expertise. Click here to elevate your gym experience through EasySignage.