What are NFTs? How to Use Digital Signage to Display Your NFTs Gallery

What are NFTs? How to Use Digital Signage to Display Your NFTs Gallery


As we know, the world of cryptocurrencies is hyped up more than ever. With the introduction of newer tokens in the market, there is no dearth of variety in cryptocurrencies for sure.

One such crypto that has recently taken the world by storm is NFT (Non-fungible token).

In this blog, we will take you through various aspects of non-fungible tokens by gaining a basic understanding of their meaning. We will also see how you can use digital signage to display your NFTs gallery in a way you wish to!

Let us now deep dive into the discussion!

What are NFTs?


As a uniquely distinct digital asset, a non-fungible token, abbreviated as NFT, is a popular cryptographic asset on the blockchain. It carries its unique identification code and metadata that separates its identity from other tokens. Unlike cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens cannot be exchanged or traded at an equivalent amount or in a format that is not supported on the blockchain.

Coming to its terminology, “Non-fungible” essentially means something that cannot be replaced or traded. Similarly, these tokens are different from typical cryptocurrencies that are identical and can be used to facilitate transfers and exchanges in commercial transactions.

What are the benefits of NFTs?


Undoubtedly, an NFT is a completely new and different class of assets that exist in the virtual world. While you can have unlimited million-dollar non-fungible token auctions, you can also get a significant part of this funding by selling your non-fungible tokens for a price you decide.

But do you ever wonder why these unique traits can show their potential for contributing real value?

Well, the answer lies in some of the greatest advantages that non-fungible tokens offer to a creator.

Let us take a look at some of these benefits and discuss them in detail -



The uniqueness of tokens is one of the key factors that determine the advantages of an NFT. Non-fungible tokens are created on the blockchain which implies that they carry their unique records.

Well, the reason lies in the privilege that creators have by issuing these non-fungible tokens only to a specific number of parties due to limited supply. Even in cases where creators go for creating multiple copies of tickets for their craft, these tokens are easily accessible by anyone. On the other hand, the other factor that adds to the authenticity of non-fungible tokens is the potential of the immutability of the blockchain on which these tokens are stored. It ensures that they are not vulnerable to any kind of change or removal on its network.



One of the biggest advantages of non-fungible tokens is that the holder gets its whole ownership. To put it in simple words, the general process of identifying and verifying ownership of assets is not conventional in cases of NFT. You can always find them on the blockchain network, which makes it possible to transfer the ownership of non-fungible tokens easily. Hence, easy and convenient transfer of ownership is another added benefit in many real-world situations.

Ease in transfer


Since non-fungible tokens are easily transferable, it is safe to say that you can easily trade them in any particular market with the widest spectrum of options. Apart from this, non-fungible tokens find their usability and applications in various industries such as business, gaming, and entertainment. For instance, game developers can use an NFT to develop their own items. This can be used by players to hold as a currency in their digital wallets.

Creating and boosting economic opportunities


If we look beyond their fundamental characteristics, tokens also come with various other wide-ranging applications concerning digital content. The main reason for such diverse feasibility is the fragmented base of the industrial ecosystem.

One of the biggest challenges that a creator faces is middlemen and third-party platforms eating up their part of the profit and leads. For instance, if you are a digital artist posting your content on social media, it would also make money for the social media platform selling advertisements to your audience. While you will get your due exposure, it may not necessarily help you to earn any form of money in exchange for the benefits that go to the platform.

However, things are quite different with an NFT. With the help of non-fungible tokens, the ownership of your content is integrated into your content only. It implies that when you sell your content, the entire pool of funds directly comes to you. Apart from this, if you decide to sell it to someone else, you can earn your path of royalties on it by setting smart contracts while developing your non-fungible tokens. You will keep receiving these royalties with each re-sale of your token since your address is stored with the metadata.

What is digital signage software?


Digital signage software is a smart tool that helps you to manage your digital signage content and multiple screens at the same time. Using this software, you can schedule your content, create custom playlists, organize your screens into different groups, and even any technical issue in a remote setup.

Going back to the days when a user had to physically visit and monitor each setup to change the display content, it was important to make sure that every component is at its place. The next immediate requirement was to review it until a piece of content is done. The process used to be extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming!

Even if we see from the perspective of businesses, the digital signage technology of the old days required high maintenance. A lot of businesses simply could not afford the firms for human resources to run any possible deployment on their end. However, things got easier with the emergence of digital signage technology. Businesses now had a more efficient way to manage their digital signs. This also brought a lot of opportunities for artists who used to face the same issues before.

Adding to its usability, digital signage software also enables you to do real-time monitoring of your digital signage network. Sometimes your deployments can span across multiple locations in the city, making it extremely difficult for you to manage all the screens simultaneously. However, digital signage software allows you to monitor the status of your digital signs remotely. If you are an artist, you can also use it to display your gallery to your audience.


When it comes to bringing your art into reality, it is all about identifying the one medium that can make this possible. If we specifically talk about non-fungible tokens, there are many other ways to display your gallery. However, you can also display your NFT gallery using digital signage. Let us understand how this happens.

The basic need here is to develop or bring a system that can effectively manage and arrange a network of multiple art displays in a gallery. However, it is equally important to bring in a mechanism that can perform this process seamlessly, without putting a lot of pressure on the wallet!

The NFT market is continuously undergoing a significant uptick which means that it is not going to slow down any time soon. Everyone from millionaire businessmen to artists and celebrities has taken investing in non-fungible tokens considering its potential. The right digital signage software can keep your screen from facing any technical issue, which helps manage multiple displays at one time. Here is a breakdown of several features that help for digital signage software to display NFT gallery -

  • A digital signage software enables efficient screen management to facilitate easy display. It is fundamental because if you want to showcase your gallery without compromising on the quality, your digital signage software must easily manage thousands of remote screens to make it appear like a single display.

  • Digital signage software also comes with advanced user roles and permissions. You can use these options to limit or enable access to your content and modify them according to your choice and preferences. You can also choose to show them as displays for individuals or a group of users, depending on the requirement.

  • Digital signage software also enables you to manage your content smartly with just a few clicks. Whether you need to create a dynamic presentation of your content or upload it in different file formats, you can always rely on the scheduling options. The software lets you develop a digital signage strategy as per your requirements so that you can present your content in the desired format.



Non-fungible tokens have provided immense value to artists through the benefits they offer. They can now create and share their own work without having to sacrifice any part of their credit or profits. In a bid to make this experience simple, digital signage software can definitely help an artist to display their gallery with convenience and ease!