6 Ways to Use Digital Signage to Share Healthcare News

6 Ways to Use Digital Signage to Share Healthcare News

If ever there was a time for healthcare news, it’s now. The pandemic and the resulting lockdown have fundamentally altered our phone notifications and social media timelines. Everyone from individuals to organizations wants to know what’s the latest in healthcare. Whether you run a retail outlet or a large office, digital signage can provide the answer to several questions.

Is there a new lockdown? Is there a new containment or hot spot near us? How many people have been hospitalized recently? Have businesses been asked to shut down? What are the new safety protocols? Has a vaccine been approved? When can we expect it? Who will be the first ones to get it?

These are only some of the questions on everyone’s mind. People don’t just need answers, they need them immediately. And when it comes from an organization, there’s credibility. That’s where digital signages outshine other forms of communication. With a system like EasySignage, you can immediately communicate the latest news in healthcare to a large number of people spread over different locations. Plus, they are cost-effective. Here are six ways in which you can communicate the latest in healthcare news through digital signages.

6 ways digital signages can deliver healthcare news

1. RSS feeds

Want to share the latest headlines from publications from around the world? The EasySignage system can easily support several RSS feeds and relay them to your audience. If there’s breaking news in healthcare, you and your viewers will be among the first to see it.

2. Twitter feeds

Twitter has become the go-to medium for news. News agencies and publications use their Twitter handles to constantly update their followers. World leaders also take to Twitter first to share news and air their views. It’s safe to say that news happens on Twitter first. With digital signage, you will be able to create a Twitter feed that will deliver tweets from healthcare organizations and relevant government bodies. With EasySignage, you will be able to get it done in a matter of minutes.

3. Localized information

People will be interested in what’s happening in their locality and region. Is there an outbreak near their office? Are there restrictions on using public transport? By incorporating RSS feeds from local publications and channels, you will be able to share timely and relevant information with your audience.

4. YouTube channels

Healthcare organizations have been using YouTube to share news, and other informational content. Since videos make any content more engaging, the platform has also become a trusted source for ‘how-to’ information. When you integrate YouTube channels of credible healthcare institutions to your digital signage, it makes the content trustworthy, and easy to understand.

5. Curate healthcare content

You don’t have to constantly share news from a single source or a platform. You can also curate relevant information from various sources and create your content package. These could be posters, videos, how-to tutorials, etc. This ensures that the content on your digital signage system doesn’t become monotonous. It’s also a good way to include various kinds of media in your signage.

6. Create custom content

Why run content from others when you can effortlessly create your own? With EasySignage, you will be able to create content on healthcare with some easy-to-use apps and tools. Using free online design tools that EasySignage provide, you will be able to create posters, notices, and banners for your organization in a few minutes.

So, how do you start?

In times like these, where any breaking news in healthcare can impact millions of lives, it’s good to stay updated. One of the easiest ways to do that is through a digital signage system. They are flexible, easy to use, highly scalable, and demonstrably cost-effective. Digital signage is also one of the most engaging mediums for organizations to use.

The best part? It doesn’t take much effort to roll out a digital signage system. A trusted service provider, and the right hardware, and you are good to go. To give your organization all the advantages of digital signage, click here for a free trial from EasySignage. https://easysignage.com.