Proven ROI-Driven Digital Signage Statistics 2021

Proven ROI-Driven Digital Signage Statistics 2021


By now, most organizations across sectors have understood the benefits of digital signages. They know that a digital signage system can amplify their communication while reducing costs and simplifying management. It can also make content creation and delivery effortless and seamless. No wonder then, as these digital signage statistics 2021 prove, the medium is becoming more popular every year.

Technology shouldn’t be used just because it’s the new kid on the block. Each technological solution must be analyzed on its performance and return on investment. Digital signages are becoming integral to everyone from educational institutions to transport authorities because they deliver compelling returns on investment.

That’s also the reason why organizations that deploy digital signages as part of their communication strategy seldom remove them. Compared to other marketing channels, digital signages offer greater reach at cost efficiencies. Unlike other communication platforms, digital signage systems don’t need expertise in handling or management either.

Digital signage solutions also deliver advantages specific to certain sectors. They’re ideal for last-mile communication platforms for impulse purchases for retailers and restaurants. For hospitals, they can be an effective medium for providing more information without having to rely on extra staff. For transport centers and educational institutions, wayfinding and up-to-date information can be relayed through digital signages.

In other words, by improving productivity and delivering enhanced communication, digital signages can improve audience engagement and boost profits. Those are the reasons why the digital signage industry has been witnessing tremendous growth and adoption as these digital signage statistics 2021 prove.

Digital signage statistics 2021


To know the growing influence of digital signages and their importance for marketers, it would be better to understand the digital signage statistics 2021 by category.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - General


• While Facebook gets visibility of 41 percent, outdoor digital signages get 43 percent visibility from people above the age of 12 • What should interest the restaurant sector is the fact that digital signage significantly improves overall queue management and decreases the perceived wait times of patrons by 35 percent. • Close to 53 percent of end-users of digital signages are expected to increase their spends on the medium over the next two years. • Between 2.8 to 8 seconds is the average attention span that digital signages generate. • Content with visuals generates 94 percent more views than content that carries only text. • 65 percent of the information that’s visually presented is retained by viewers even after three days. • It’s been found that 75 percent of travelers remember digital signage even after a month of seeing it. • Compared to traditional channels of advertising, digital signages have a recall rate of close to 83 percent. • It’s not just message recall but also brand awareness where digital signages are more impactful, with effectiveness of more than 47 percent. • What’s the primary reason to opt for digital signages over conventional solutions? They generate 400 percent more views than the traditional static displays.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - ROI


• By 2024, the global market for digital signages is believed to reach a whopping $29.8 billion. That growth will be aided by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 8.6 percent. • North America, which is the largest market for the digital signage industry, is expected to show the highest growth of 42 percent. Asia is at number 2, growing at 17 percent. For Africa (2 percent) and Australia/New Zealand (1 percent), the growth will be the slowest. • 60 percent of companies that don’t have digital signages in their outlets will be investing in the technology in two years. • As far as out-of-home digital advertising is concerned, 67 percent or more users expect it to grow. • The reason why brands stick to digital signages is that almost 8o percent of businesses witness a significant increase in sales.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - Corporate and employee communication


• HR managers and business leaders are already aware of the importance of digital signages in employee engagement. Almost 56 percent of teams that manage internal communication are considering investing in digital signages. • Among communications professionals, half of those surveyed said that they use digital signage as a communication platform. • Digital signages have been found to enhance internal communication, which can create a 25 percent increase in productivity. • Employees are four times more likely to feel more engaged in companies that have effective internal communication. • Employees who are disengaged are twelve times more likely to resign from their jobs within a year. • Why’re digital signages important for employee engagement? Around 46 percent of employees feel that they don’t know the core values of their company. • Presentations that have visual components have been found to be 43 percent more persuasive and influential than those that don’t incorporate visual aids. • Over a quarter of all companies in the US prioritize multichannel campaign strategies that include content that runs on digital signages.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - Educational institutions


• Digital signage has a crucial role to play in the future of communication, according to 73 percent of educational institutions. • Maybe that explains why 70 percent of colleges have digital signages installed on their campuses. • To streamline communication, 87 percent of institutions that include K-12 schools have deployed digital signages. • Among universities and colleges that have digital signages, 100 percent of them use them for announcements and sharing news and 43 percent use them for wayfinding. • It shouldn’t be surprising that for a generation that’s growing up with streaming services, 96 percent of students believe video enhances the learning experience. • Digital channels are preferred by 97 percent of students for information. • 96 percent of students both notice and recall the content of digital signages immediately. • Adoption of technology has been found to help with stress reduction in 45 percent of instances while seeing a 46 percent improvement in confidence. • Considering the kind of emergencies that can arise in schools, it’s disconcerting that over 40 percent don’t have the much-needed instructions for those situations in their residence or labs.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - Retail


• Among those who use digital signages at the retail level, 64 percent of businesses say that the biggest benefit has been an increase in customer engagement. • Customer service has also considerably improved, according to 57 percent of digital signage users. • Digital signages increase brand awareness more than traditional channels, according to 84 percent of those in the retail sector. • Customer satisfaction also goes up by 46 percent through the use of digital signages. • What’s even more striking and relevant for retailers is that digital signage leads to an average increase of 29.5 percent in the purchase amount. • Repeat buyers, another crucial yardstick in retail, also see a bump of 32.8 percent. • The volume of overall sales also goes up by around 32 percent from the integration of digital signages. • Customers are also influenced by the medium. 59 percent want to know more about the product or subject once they see it on digital signage. • While 70 percent of people say that they’ve seen some form of digital signage in the past 30 days, 47 percent can remember a message. • 71 percent believe that brand messages on digital signages are more distinct than online ads. • 46 percent of people believe that digital signages are more prominent than television commercials. • How persuasive are digital signages? 76 percent of consumers in America have entered stores for the first time because of them. • More than 40 percent believe that digital signages can influence their buying decisions. • So much so that 68 percent of consumers have bought a product or service because its digital signage got their attention. • With digital signages, there’s a 24 increase in footfall in retail establishments.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - Healthcare


• Digital signages are of the utmost importance in the healthcare sector because $12 billion is wasted every year due to inefficient communication. • Digital communication solutions are now present in 70 percent of hospitals. • Digital signages provide more helpful information and enhance hospital experience, according to 75 percent of caregivers and patients. • Among patients, 78 percent look for digital signage solutions when they’re at a healthcare facility. • No wonder then, 52 percent receive information on health from digital signage solutions. • Among those who saw digital signages in hospitals, 75 percent could remember at least one message. • 27 percent of patients also used digital signages to find their doctors. • When digital signage is used in clinics, there’s between a 15 and 150 percent increase in their business.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - Restaurants


• Digital signage displays that showcase menus are important for 74 percent of restaurant customers. • When using digital signage systems, restaurants have reported a three percent increase in their margin per transaction. • For the digital signage industry, 20 percent of the business comes from quick-service restaurants that use digital menu boards. • 29.5 percent of consumers say that digital menus are more likely to persuade them to buy a product. • Almost 30 percent of customers believe that digital menus play a significant part when they purchase a product. • Around 80 percent of customers made an impulse purchase of a product that was promoted on the digital display of a restaurant.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - Manufacturing


• Since $170 billion is the annual loss to the US economy from workplace injuries, deaths, and illnesses, it’s important to recognize the importance of digital signages in the manufacturing sector. Effective health and safety communications through digital signages have been found to reduce illness and injury rates by at least 20 percent. • 90 percent of manufacturers rely on digital signage to increase productivity and for enhanced employee training. • In exhibitions and trade shows, about 93 percent of manufacturers rely on digital signages to improve the viewer experience. • When digital signage solutions are deployed, engagement at the workplace goes up by 22 percent with a 41 percent reduction in quality defects. • What should interest manufacturers is the fact that for every dollar invested in safety solutions such as digital signages, there is a return of between four and six dollars.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - Banking


• To improve customer communication, more than 60 percent of banks now use digital signages. • 75 percent of the content displayed is banking-related. The rest is not related to banking. • Of the banks that have deployed digital signages, 95 percent are satisfied. They cite that the investment pays for itself in eighteen months. • 79 percent of banks outsource the content displayed on their digital signages. 21 percent produce it in-house. • Digital signages also allow for granular targeting as banks have found out. 70 percent of banks now customize their messaging by branch.

Digital signage statistics 2021 - Worship


• Almost $6,500 is spent annually by churches in photocopying, print, and paper costs. The one reason they should consider deploying digital signages is that they can reduce these costs by almost 76%. • In churches that are pastored by Boomers, surveys have found a 72 percent increase in technology deployment. • Almost 53 percent of religious organizations rely on projectors and other such digital signage solutions for sermons. • 80 percent of religious venues are installing modern technologies and have websites. Remember that digital signages can display websites.
• 70 percent of practicing Millennial Christians read scriptures from screens. Using digital signage to display scripture can therefore enhance engagement. • Social media has been found to be the most effective method for reaching audiences by 46.1 percent of churches that use it. Digital signages can be used to display social media feeds for greater engagement.

In short


Every sector that has deployed digital signage has found the technology to be effective in reach, engagement, audience acquisition, and retention. From wayfinding, giving out helpful information, relaying safety measures, showcasing websites, displaying social media feeds, and persuading customers, digital signages have proven the case for their deployment.

As these statistics show, their adoption can generate significant returns on investment no matter what category you operate in. Businesses and organizations that use digital signage solutions will have a demonstrable advantage over their competitors for years to come.