7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Digital Signage Provider

7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Digital Signage Provider

So you’ve taken the right step to opt for digital signages because of their reach, flexibility, and significant cost advantages. Now comes the tricky part of choosing between several service providers whose sales calls can get confusing. To make it easier for you, here are seven key factors to keep in mind when choosing your digital signage provider.

1. Price

It’s the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. The industry is rife with digital signage providers who bury their price in the fine print. Make sure that your provider’s pricing is transparent, and that you are not overcharged for a bouquet of services your firm won’t use.

2. Support

A dedicated support system is crucial especially if you don’t have an in-house IT team. Your provider should have client servicing personnel who know your business, the kind of content you have, and your schedule management, among other things.

3. Set-up time

Features are fruitless if you can’t set up your digital signage effortlessly. Longer set-up times translates to a cumbersome interface that will discourage you from updating content. You should be able to do it in minutes, and even the technically non-proficient should be able to use it with ease.

4. Trial time

You should make sure that your digital signage provider offers a trial time for you to get used to the system. You should be able to derive customized value from the offer, become familiar with the software, and be able to decide if it suits your requirements during the trial time.

5. Hardware diversity

Several service providers have a ‘bulk deal’ with a specific hardware manufacturer that will enable them to bundle it as part of an offer. This means that you won’t have the freedom to choose the displays, and media players. What you need is a provider who offers multiple hardware options that you can choose from.

6. Apps and widgets

Digital signages are no longer intended to merely communicate messages. They are also a platform for audience engagement, and to garner social media followers. Apps and widgets are crucial for this, and your signage provider should have easy options for incorporating these.

7. Free content storage

Content comes in various sizes and formats and the digital signage system you choose should be able to store your content without any hiccups. This is crucial in schedule management as you don’t want to repeatedly delete and upload new content.

The EasySignage Advantage

At EasySignage, our products, and protocols are designed to make it easy and effective for you. On all the seven factors on the checklist, we outperform the usual industry standards.

7 reasons to choose EasySignage

Price: To ensure transparency, we have listed the pricing information on our website, with three tiers, including a free plan. Our pricing plans are affordable, and value-added, considering what’s on offer.

Support: We provide video tutorials, live chat, and 24/7 client support. With such comprehensive support, you won’t need a dedicated IT team to manage your displays.

Set-up time: All it takes is five minutes to get started. That’s right, in just five minutes, EasySignage will have you managing your digital displays.

Trial time: You will get a free screen forever under our trial period offer.

Hardware diversity: EasySignage offers you an unparalleled array of hardware options, including, Android devices above Android 5, Amazon Fire Stick, Philips digital signage screens, Android-based smart TVs, and select Raspberry Pi models.

Apps and widgets: Whether you want to display weather information, or get social media followers, we have all the necessary apps and widgets that you can integrate in a matter of seconds.

Free storage: EasySignage offers 200 MB of for the trial free account and 10GB free storage once you buy one or more screen licences.

Start using Digital Signage today

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