6 Easy Ways to Keep Up With Pharmacy Marketing Trends

6 Easy Ways to Keep Up With Pharmacy Marketing Trends

The pharmacy sector has been going through several challenges due to the pandemic while being at the forefront of the vaccination drive. While they benefited from the early rush among consumers to stock up on essential goods, things will be different in the coming months. When that panic buying slows down - which has in most places - it’ll be time to face the evolving challenges.

An independent pharmacy is a local business and so, will not have the marketing resources of larger chains. What you need is a smart marketing plan that optimizes resource allocation. For that, the first thing you’ll have to do is stay on top of marketing trends relevant to your industry.

The marketing landscape has dramatically changed over the last decade. What was relevant even five years ago may not be useful now. To help you out, here are six ways to keep up with marketing trends for retail pharmacies.

1. Google News

Let the biggest search engine on the planet partner you. To smartly use it, you’ll have to search Google News (one among the tabs at the top of search results) for pharmacy news. You could search for “pharmacy + marketing” to get news specific to your industry.

You should filter the results by relevance. Opt for only search results from the last six months or a year. Once you start doing this, Google will know your preferences and start giving more relevant news on pharmacy marketing.

2. Google alerts

Along with News, you should also sign up for Google alerts. You can select some keywords or phrases and Google will notify you if there’s news, events, or any other noteworthy developments around those words or phrases. You can choose to receive daily alerts or you could opt for a weekly roundup.

When you sign up, along with “pharmacy marketing,” try other combinations including “pharmacy advertising,” “pharmacy digital marketing,” etc. You could also broaden the base by adding “small business marketing.”

While searching Google News and setting up alerts, you should try to add your location to the phrases. If you add your state or your region, you’ll easily know everything from changes in local regulations to the latest consumer data.

3. Follow industry leaders

You have to follow industry leaders and influencers to know the latest news and receive guidance. Once you find them through Google, you should follow them on at least one social media platform. You’ll know what’s the latest in the sector, their views on the challenges and opportunities, and helpful tips on growing your business.

Ensure that you search for them on YouTube too. A five-minute video will be better than going through pages of content or social media posts. You should also search for industry podcasts and subscribe to them.

But don’t overdo it. You only have to follow four or five thought leaders.

4. Subscribe to newsletters

Next, you should search for blogs, journals, or websites on pharmacy and local retailing. An easier way to follow them is to subscribe to their email newsletters. These will be condensed forms of their best articles, news, and opinions for a week or fortnight.

If you find a commentary or column that you like, search for the writer and follow them on social media. Whether it’s an industry leader or a journalist, if you like something they say, do get in touch with them and thank them or share your views on the subject.

5. Bookmark articles

One of the smartest productivity hacks is to bookmark articles and then read them together later. You can either bookmark them in your browser, on an app like Pocket or Evernote or copy-paste the links to a document.

Now, it’s important to make sure that you don’t interrupt your schedule by reading those articles during rush hours at your pharmacy. Ideally, you should block a couple of hours every week to devote to these articles and newsletters. Call it your “research hour.”

6. Install digital signages

A digital signage system can be beneficial to both the owners and customers of a pharmacy. You can use it to communicate offers, health directions, and other news. You can also use a digital signage system to stay updated on what’s trending in your industry by integrating these apps.


With Twitter on your EasySignage, you can show the latest tweets from decision-makers and news outlets to your customers. Now both you and your customers can get the latest tweets from everyone from the World Health Organization to the CDC.

digital signage twitter cdc

For more details checkout the below video:

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Google Slides

Need to share safety protocols or healthcare measures? Make a presentation and show it through Google Slides.


For more details check out EasySignage support portal:

How to use Google Slides in Digital Signage?.


An effective way to keep your audiences engaged is by integrating the weather and forecast app in your digital signage. By localizing weather reports, you’ll be adding value to your customers’ lives.


For more details check out EasySignage support portal:

Weather and Forecast Apps.

Social media “Follow us”

If you have social media pages for your pharmacy (and you should), integrating the Follow Us app on your digital signage system is one of the easiest ways to get more followers. All they have to do is scan the QR code.

digital signage follow us instagram

For more details check out EasySignage support portal:

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You don’t need a professional designer to create layouts. With Canva, you can design unique posters, flyers, or anything else for your pharmacy and display it through the signage system.

digital signage pharmacy canva

For more details check out EasySignage support portal:

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News Apps

Keeping the customers informed by displaying breaking news is a surefire way to keep them interested. You can use the News app with the EasySignage software to keep your customers interested by selecting a health subject.

digital signage news app

Retail pharmacies are crucial local healthcare centers for millions of people. While local pharmacists are among the most trusted professionals, they now risk being cornered by large national chains and supermarkets and booming e-commerce sales. If you run a local pharmacy, it’s time to use all available marketing tools to stand out, acquire, and retain customers.

For more details check out EasySignage support portal:

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