7 Reasons Why You Should Resell EasySignage Digital Signage Solution

7 Reasons Why You Should Resell EasySignage Digital Signage Solution


Digital signage is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses, but implementing and maintaining a network can be costly and time-consuming. This is where reselling EasySignage comes in. EasySignage is a cloud-based digital signage solution that offers many benefits for resellers.

Why resell EasySignage?


1. Focus on growing your business.

  EasySignage is a managed cloud service, which means that resellers don’t have to worry about maintaining the solution and supporting it technically. They will receive a headache-free software that is always available, enabling them to focus on their business instead of solving technical problems.

2. White labelling.

  Resellers can white label EasySignage and use their own brand and URL, which allows them to package the software with other services and resell it at their own prices. This also enables resellers to offer a more professional and customized experience for their clients.

3. Competitive pricing

  EasySignage offers large discounts to resellers, enabling them to maintain competitive pricing. This makes it simpler for resellers to recruit customers and expand their operations.

4. Admin portal, Stay in control.

  Resellers may maintain their customers’ accounts and licences without having to contact EasySignage directly thanks to the admin portal the company provides to its partners. As a result, resellers have more authority over their customers’ accounts and may provide better service.

5. Free software updates

  Reselling Access to EasySignage’s many capabilities is included in the price, and the service even offers free software upgrades that include any new features the developer releases. This ensures that customers of resellers will always have access to cutting-edge products.

6. Additional recurring revenue for your business

  Subscription-based revenue: Reselling EasySignage as a subscription-based service adds an additional revenue channel that can be easily grown without worrying about technology. This ensures a steady and predictable revenue stream for resellers.

7. Stable and reliable solution.

  EasySignage utilizes the latest serverless technology from Google Cloud Platform, the same platform that supports major Google services such as Gmail and YouTube. With this technology, resellers will have no issues scaling up their business, and can expect EasySignage to remain stable and reliable regardless of the number of screens involved. Whether a reseller has a single client with ten screens or 100 clients with 1000 screens, both resellers and their clients can depend on a consistent and reliable system experience.

Start Today

  In conclusion, becoming an EasySignage reseller for small businesses is a lucrative opportunity. By leveraging a managed cloud service, white labelling options, an admin portal, competitive pricing, and other features, resellers can offer their clients a top-notch digital signage network while avoiding technical complications.

If you’re interested in reselling EasySignage, click here white-labelling Digital Signage and complete the form. We’ll promptly send you an email with the next steps.

Don’t hesitate to start today, and the best part is, you can begin for free!