Digital Signage in Exhibitions and Conferences

Digital Signage in Exhibitions and Conferences


If you’ve ever attended a busy conference or exhibition, you know how important it is to navigate the vast amount of information.
We’ll take a closer look at the impact of digital signage in these dynamic venues and how every square foot is an opportunity to captivate your audience.

First, What are Exhibition Halls?

Exhibition halls are large areas specifically designed to hold exhibitions and trade shows. These halls are usually located in convention centres or exhibition grounds and help businesses and organisations display products, services, and ideas to a wide audience.

Exhibition halls often change layouts with each event while maintaining fixed public areas like hallways, meeting spaces, and food courts.
They are often equipped with modern technology and infrastructure to support the needs of exhibitors and attendees.

These large open spaces require strategic communication methods to engage attendees effectively, and this is where digital signage steps in, making events smoother, engaging, and downright impressive.


What is Digital Signage for Exhibitions?

Exhibition digital signage is the game-changer in this scenario. It is a visual communication tool that strategically places screens throughout the venue, from entrance displays to exhibitor stands.
The goal? To communicate with attendees, promote brands, provide information, manage events, and enhance the overall visitor experience.

EasySignage is a professional digital signage solution that businesses and organisations can use to interact with potential customers and partners. With EasySignage, companies can share industry knowledge and best practices with others in their field, resulting in better engagement and increased revenue.


Types of Digital Signage for Events and Exhibitions

Several types of digital signage can be used for events and exhibitions. Every kind of digital signage has its benefits and can be customised to fit the specific needs of any event or exhibition.
The most common ones include:

  1. Mounted Digital Signage: These screens are mounted on walls or stands and offer interactive content such as videos, images, and text, making them perfect for creating engaging experiences and increasing brand awareness.

  2. Interactive Kiosks: Placed in high-traffic areas, kiosks provide information, allow interactions, and even support transactions, elevating attendee engagement.

  3. Video Walls: Made up of multiple smaller screens arranged in a grid-like pattern, these screens are tiled together to create a large display showing synchronised videos, images, advertisements, and information. This helps to capture the attention of a large audience and engage visitors.

  4. Indoor LED Screens: LED screens are popular due to their high brightness and visibility. These screens have high-resolution images perfect for showcasing content, captivating attendees and making events memorable.

  5. Transparent LED Displays: Adding a touch of futuristic elegance, these displays offer a unique way to showcase products, promotions, or event information without obstructing the view.

Let’s now explore the various types of content that can be displayed on these digital screens.


Expo Digital Signage


10 Content Ideas To Display on Digital Signage for Events

The beauty of digital signage lies in its ability to display various content to inform and engage attendees. From event schedules to live streaming, the possibilities are limitless. The content can be displayed on large screens throughout the venue or on smaller screens in specific areas.
Engage your audience with:

  1. Welcome Screen: A welcome screen is often the first thing attendees see when they arrive at an event or exhibition. It can include a welcome message, event name and logo, and a countdown to the start of the event. It may also provide basic information such as the location of the registration desk and any other important details attendees need to know before the event.

  2. Wifi Access: EasySignage provides Wi-Fi access information to attendees through the Wi-Fi app. The attendees can scan the QR code shown on the screen and connect to the Wi-Fi network directly.

  3. Event Schedule and Agenda: This includes information such as the time, location, and description of each event happening at the exhibition, as well as any special instructions or requirements for attendees.

  4. Sponsor Advertisements: Exhibitions often rely on sponsors to help fund the event, and digital signage can be used to display advertisements or brand messaging from these sponsors. This can include logos, product images, or promotional videos.

  5. Product Demonstrations: Showcase products and services to highlight the latest innovations and solutions offered by the exhibitors. They can be played on a loop or at specific intervals to capture attendees’ attention.

  6. Venue Maps: Display maps of the event venue, highlighting key areas such as registration desks, session rooms, exhibition halls, restrooms, and food courts.

  7. QR Code Displays: Use QR codes to quickly access social media platforms, information, products, and services, making the attendee experience smoother.

  8. Emergency Alerts and Safety Information: Display emergency procedures, evacuation routes, and safety instructions to prepare attendees for unforeseen circumstances.

  9. Customised Content for Different Audiences: Customise content to specific attendee demographics or interests to engage different audience segments.

  10. RSS News Feed & Custom Tickers: With EasySignage, you can seamlessly display RSS news feeds or create custom messaging tickers in your digital signage content. Keep attendees updated with industry news, event updates, and relevant articles.


Digital Menu Boards for Exhibition Food Courts

Food is an essential element of any event, and the use of digital menu boards add a modern twist to the dining experience. The food court is the focal point in any exhibition hall, and digital signage can elevate it beyond just providing information and turn it into a culinary experience.

Digital menu boards, powered by EasySignage, add a vibrant touch to food courts, improving the visual appeal of the area and providing a dynamic platform for advertising and displaying food products. These boards are easy to manage and allow staff to update content in real time, ensuring that attendees are aware of the available offerings all the time.


Event Digital Menu



Digital Signage is transforming the way we experience conferences and exhibitions. The possibilities are endless, from mounted screens to interactive kiosks, video walls, and beyond.

As exhibition organisers, utilising this technology enhances the overall attendee experience and creates new opportunities for sponsorship, advertising, and engagement.

So, whether you’re planning the next big conference or exhibiting at a bustling trade show, consider Digital Signage’s impact. It’s not just about information; it’s about creating an immersive and unforgettable experience for all attendees.

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