EasySignage Shines at Web Summit Qatar 2024

EasySignage Shines at Web Summit Qatar 2024


Welcome to the forefront of innovation! This article is about EasySignage’s journey at Web Summit Qatar 2024. The event was a great success for EasySignage, which showcased its crowd-counting app powered by cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. We’ll cover everything from the dynamic booth exhibition to the stage showcase that captivated the audience.


What is Web Summit Qatar?

Web Summit is one of the world’s largest international technology conferences held annually that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and industry leaders from around the world. The conference serves as a platform for networking, learning, and discussing the latest trends and innovations in technology and related industries.
The event covers a wide range of topics, including artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, e-commerce, fintech, and much more.
It features keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, startup competitions, and exhibitions where companies showcase their products and services.

Since 2009, Web Summit has been held in various locations, including Lisbon, Portugal (where it originated), and cities like Dublin and Madrid. This year, from February 26th to 29th 2024, thousands of attendees gathered at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) to attend the newest event: Web Summit Qatar.

EasySignage, a leading provider of digital signage solutions, was part of the Web Summit Qatar 2024, where our team showcased innovation, engagement, and cutting-edge technology like never before. Here’s a quick rundown of the exciting moments.


Booth Exhibition

On the vibrant day of February 28th 2024, visitors flocked to booth B209, where EasySignage took the spotlight and stood tall, showcasing our latest advancements in digital signage technology. Our team engaged with attendees, offering live demonstrations and insightful discussions on the future of digital signage.
From dynamic displays to our newest feature, the crowd-counting, it was an immersive experience that showcased the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital signage.


Web Summit Booth


Crowd Counting App - Powered by ML and AI

At the web summit Qatar, EasySignage presented its latest innovation - the crowd-counting feature, which is powered by Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology goes beyond traditional digital signage systems, providing businesses with real-time insights into audience demographics, foot traffic patterns and engagement levels.
By leveraging ML and AI algorithms, EasySignage empowers businesses to optimise their digital signage strategies with precision and efficiency. From understanding peak traffic hours to tailoring content based on audience preferences, this innovation feature enables businesses to make data-driven decisions that enhance customer experience and drive results.

With EasySignage’s crowd-counting technology, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the competitive landscape of visual communication.
On the February 28th of the summit, the crowd-counting dashboard at EasySignage’s booth recorded 35k footfall in front of the booth, 7k direct looks at the screen, and 4k total smiles counted, in addition to the hourly crowd demographics and peak hours. Here’s a view of the collected results.


Crowd-Counting Dashboard


Stage Showcase

In addition to the booth exhibition, our Managing Director presented EasySignage on the showcase stage on February 29th at Web Summit Qatar 2024. The presentation focused on the latest trends in digital signage technology and demonstrated how EasySignage is a leader in innovation. The audience was highly engaged, with attendees showing great interest in learning more about EasySignage’s solutions and the future of visual communication.


EasySignage Showcase



EasySignage’s participation in Web Summit Qatar 2024 was a resounding success. From the booth exhibition to the stage showcase, EasySignage demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital signage industry.

That’s a wrap for now. Stay tuned for more updates!
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