BrightSign Digital Signage Media Player

BrightSign Digital Signage Media Player


When it comes to displaying your digital signage content, BrightSign Media Players stand out among the various players available in the market for their strong performance, reliability, and advanced features.

One key element of successful digital signage is using reliable hardware to showcase your content. Unreliable players that frequently crash can cause missed content and frustrate the viewers due to constant downtime.

With BrightSign, you can use digital signage software to its fullest potential without worrying about hardware failures.
When combined with EasySignage, a cloud-based digital signage software, this powerful duo offers businesses great opportunities to engage their audience with dynamic and captivating content.


Why choose BrightSign Digital Signage Player?

BrightSign is well known for providing high-quality solutions and dedicated hardware that ensures reliable performance, seamless playback, and long-lasting durability. Here are some key features why it’s a preferred choice:

  1. Robust Performance: BrightSign players are built to handle demanding digital signage applications. They can play high-definition videos, make smooth transitions, and offer strong connectivity options.

  2. Scalability: BrightSign can easily adjust to your needs, whether you’re managing a single screen or multiple displays. It is designed to support multiple zones, making it perfect for complex layouts and setups with multiple screens.

  3. Interactivity: Enhance user engagement with interactive features. BrightSign supports touch screens, RFID, GPIO, and more, allowing you to create immersive experiences.

  4. Reliable Hardware: BrightSign players are known for their stability and uptime. They are built with industrial-grade components for 24/7 operation, ensuring your content is always displayed without interruptions.

  5. Affordable: BrightSign offers a variety of models to choose from, making it possible to find solutions that fit different budgets without compromising on quality or features.

BrightSign CMS


How To Install EasySignage on BrightSign Media Player

EasySignage works with all BrightSign models and product lines, including XC, XT, XD, HD, LS, and AU. For the best performance, we suggest using the XT, HD, and XD product lines.

Follow these simple steps to install the EasySignage app on your BrightSign player and start creating eye-catching digital signage displays.

There are two ways to set up EasySignage: standalone mode and
We will use the Standalone mode.

Step 1: Prepare your BrightSign Player

Before you begin, make sure your BrightSign player is set up and connected to the internet. Also, ensure that you have the following items:

  1. A BrightSign player (any model compatible with EasySignage)
  2. An SD card or USB drive
  3. A computer with internet access

Connect the BrightSign player to your display using the appropriate cables (HDMI, Power, etc.). Then, power on the player and connect it to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Download & Install EasySignage - Standalone Mode

  1. Download the autorun file (ZIP format) for the EasySignage app from to your computer.

  2. Insert an SD card into your computer and copy the downloaded file to the root of your SD card. DO NOT extract the zip file.

  3. Insert the SD card into your BrightSign player. The player will automatically detect and install the EasySignage app. It will take a few minutes and may reboot a few times.

  4. Once the setup is complete, the EasySignage app will run on your screen and display the pairing code.

Step 3: Pair your Screen to the EasySignage management console

Now, you can log in to your EasySignage management console and connect your screen using the pairing ID code shown on your screen. If you don’t already have an EasySignage account, you’ll need to create one. It’s completely Free!

For more details on how to connect your screen, please visit our Help Page.

That’s it! You are now ready to use EasySignage on your BrightSign media player.


BrightSign Media Players

BrightSign Media Players are well-known for their versatility and high performance. They offer a range of models designed for different digital signage needs. Each model is designed to provide easy integration and top performance, ensuring your digital signage is always captivating and effective.

Series 4:


BrightSign XT4 / XT4-T

BrightSign XT4 offers exceptional performance for business use, featuring a powerful 4K video engine, fast HTML and graphics engine and the most powerful CPU.

  • Supports H.264 & H.265 decoding
  • Dolby Vision and 10-bit HDR media support
  • Full HD and 4K resolution playback, including Moasaic Mode
  • Offers Gigabit Ethernet with PoE+, GPIO, IR, and analog/digital audio
  • Dimensions: 179.9mm x 21.9mm x 204.2mm
  • Player Weight: 567gr (20 oz)
  • Power: 12V / 3A (36 Watts)


BrightSign Player Series 4


Series 5:


BrightSign XC5

The XC series is designed for enterprise-level projects in businesses. It is very reliable and has all the features and functionality needed to support large-scale deployments easily. BrightSign XC5 gives you the power to impress and engage your audience with top performance on multiple screens.

  • It’s the powerhouse of digital signage
  • Supports 8K resolution video and motion graphics
  • Operates on BrightSignOS
  • 10-bit HDR to achieve vivid hues and vibrant colours
  • PC-class HTML graphics performance
  • Create stunning video walls with a single multi-output media player
  • Connect multiple screens with multiple HDMI outputs
  • Supports 3D WebGL motion graphics
  • Dual and Quad 4K HD and full HD
  • Dimensions: 253.2mm x 232.12mm x 48mm
  • Player Weight: 1.41Kg
  • Power: 19V/ 4.7A


BrightSign XT5

The XT series, the most powerful lineup, offers top performance with advanced features like PoE+, live TV playback, and dual HDMI outputs. It is suitable for high-impact, mission-critical applications.
BrightSign XT5 is built to elevate the signage experiences with the perfect blend of power, performance, and versatility.

  • Supports all standard screen resolutions up to 8K
  • Full 4K resolution graphics to display fine details and resounding colours
  • Powers 2 screens with dual HDMI outputs on a single-player
  • Ultra-thin design with anodised aluminium enclosure
  • Offers Gigabit Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Dimensions: 238.62mm x 185.90mm x 19.19mm
  • Player Weight: 1.41 Kg
  • Power: 12V/ 3A


BrightSign XD5

BrightSign XD5 is designed for modern digital signage, which relies on HTML5 content and motion graphics. The XD series can decode dual 4K video and render HTML5 for more complex and interactive displays.

  • Multi-touch interaction link pinch, zoom and swipe
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Plays HD motion graphics and High-quality 4k video
  • Powers challenging 2D Web GL motion graphics in Full HD
  • Offers optional SSD Storage
  • Expands connectivity options with 2 USB ports
  • Ultra-thin design and patented aluminium enclosure
  • Operates in tight spaces and extreme conditions
  • Dimensions: 205mm x 185.9mm x 19.2 x mm
  • Player Weight: 0.63 Kg
  • Power: 12V/ 3A (30 Watts)


BrightSign HD5

For more advanced needs, the ultra-hight-definition HD series players support full HD video playback, making it ideal for retail and corporate settings.

  • Play full HD and 4K video.
  • A complete set of I/O connections for advanced interactivity, such as touchscreens
  • Ultra-thin design and anodised finish
  • Enables customised resolutions and unique aspect ratios
  • Patented with an aluminium enclosure and slim form
  • Dimensions: 205mm x 185.9mm x 19.2 mm
  • Player Weight: 0.63 Kg
  • Power: 12V/ 3A


BrightSign LS5

The LS series provides a low-cost option with essential features for a broad range of simple signage experiences, offering pristine HD, 4K, and HTML5 performance. The LS5 is small and thin, so it fits just about anywhere, and it runs BrightSignOSTM to maximise security, reliability, and longevity.

  • Plays graphics & digital audio
  • Ultra-thin, efficient design easily fits into tight spaces
  • Runs BrightSignOS to boost reliability and security
  • Deliver simple to advanced signage features
  • Dimensions: 126.6mm x 141.84mm x 19.41 mm
  • Player Weight: 0.18kg
  • Power: 12V/ 1.5A


BrightSign AU5

The AU series is designed for audio-only applications, delivering the latest sound technologies. It provides high-quality sound in environments like museums and theme parks.

  • High Bandwidth Audio: supports up to 24-bit audio
  • Include Dolby Atmos & Dolby Audio support
  • Audio Routing: simultaneously play up to 3 audio files with audio mixing
  • Controls interactive devices via USB, GPIO, & Ethernet
  • Dimensions: 173.4mm x 27.9mm x 99.9mm
  • Player Weight: 377.05 gr (13.3 oz)
  • Power: 12v / 3A (36 Watts)
  • Limitations: The AU5 does not support program streams.


BrightSign Player Series 5



☑️ BrightSign digital signage players offer robust performance, scalability, and reliability.

☑️ EasySignage provides a user-friendly management system with rich content creation tools.

☑️ Follow the step-by-step guide to install EasySignage on your BrightSign player.

☑️ Maximize impact with fresh content, high-quality media, interactivity, and data-driven insights.

With the right tools and a bit of creativity, digital signage can become a vital part of your marketing and communication efforts. It can deliver impactful messages to your audience with ease.

Start your journey by setting up your BrightSign player with EasySignage and watch your business communication transform.