Top 6 EasySignage Apps for Educational Institutions

Top 6 EasySignage Apps for Educational Institutions



In this digital age, Educational institutions are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage students and create dynamic learning environments. They are increasingly using digital signage to communicate important information to students, staff, and visitors.

And this is where EasySignage comes in, one of the leading providers of digital signage solutions. From keeping students informed about important dates to enhancing presentations, EasySignage offers a wide set of apps designed to cater to the unique needs of schools, colleges, and universities.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top EasySignage apps for educational organisations and explore how they can be used to revolutionise classroom communication.


Top EasySignage Apps that can be used in schools


1. Canva App

One of the top apps offered by EasySignage is the Canva App.

Canva is a powerful design tool that offers a wide range of features and templates to help users create stunning graphics, presentations, posters, and announcements.

- Design stunning visuals with the Canva App:

Engaging visual content is important for capturing students’ attention and spreading information effectively. EasySignage’s Canva app integration allows you to create eye-catching graphics and presentations right from your signage dashboard. With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, even those with no design experience can easily create professional-looking designs. Say goodbye to dull, text-heavy slideshows and hello to vibrant, interactive visuals.

- Templates for Every Occasion:

Canva offers a huge library of templates customised for educational purposes. From lecture slides to event posters, you’ll find pre-designed templates that you can customise with your institution’s branding and content, with no need to hire a professional designer.


Canva ready-made Templates


2. Date/Time App:

Imagine a school where every student, teacher, and staff member is aware of important dates and deadlines. EasySignage’s Date & Time App makes it a reality. This App is perfect for displaying the current date and time feed on digital signage screens throughout your institution.

Date/Time app is especially helpful for schools that have a strict schedule and need to ensure that classes start and end on time. Students and teachers alike can easily keep track of the time, ensuring that they stay on schedule throughout the day.


Date & Time App


3. Weather & Forecast App:

The Weather & Forecast is another app offered by EasySignage that can be incredibly helpful for educational organisations.

EasySignage’s Weather & Forecast app allows schools to display the current weather conditions and temperature on their digital sign, ensuring that students and staff are informed about the weather outside and aware of any inclement conditions that may impact their day.

- Never Get Caught in Bad Weather with the Weather & Forecast App:

Unpredictable weather can disrupt school schedules and outdoor activities. Whether it’s a school picnic or preparing for a snow day, this app keeps you in the know and displays the forecast for the next few days, which allows the school administration to take more precautions and cancel any scheduled activities if necessary.


Weather & Forecast App


4. Countdown App:

Countdowns have a magical way of generating excitement and anticipation. The Countdown app from EasySignage lets you create countdown timers for upcoming events, such as graduation ceremonies, field trips, exams, or application deadlines. Displaying these timers on digital screens across your campus adds a touch of drama and keeps everyone looking forward to the big day.

- Countdowns with a Purpose:

The Countdown app isn’t just about visual appeal; it serves a practical purpose. By showcasing important deadlines, you encourage students to plan and stay organised.

Teachers can also use countdowns to mark the time remaining for exams or project submissions, motivating students to stay focused and on track.

Countdown App

5. Google Slides App:


- Seamless Integration:

Educational presentations are a staple in classrooms and lecture halls. EasySignage’s Google Slides app allows you to seamlessly integrate Google Slides presentations into your digital signage.

This means no more fumbling with cables or USB drives—simply update your Google Slides, and your digital displays will reflect the changes in real-time.

- Interactive Learning:

Take advantage of the interactive capabilities of digital signage. Students can engage with presentations by answering polls, participating in quizzes, or getting important information directly from the screen. It’s a great and easy way to keep learners engaged and active during lectures.


6. Text Ticker App:


- Real-Time Updates:

Communication is key in education, and the Text Ticker app ensures your messages are always front and centre. Use it to display scrolling text messages on screens throughout your campus.

Whether it’s announcements, emergency alerts, or news updates such as school closures or schedule changes, the Text Ticker app ensures your audience doesn’t miss a thing.

- Customisable and Eye-catching:

You have complete control over the design and formatting of your Text Ticker. Choose your text colour and background colour to match your institution’s style. You can also change the speed of the ticker and the scroll direction. With this app, you can create attention-grabbing messages that are impossible to ignore.

Text Ticker App


Conclusion: Revolutionize Education with EasySignage

EasySignage’s apps are reshaping the landscape of educational organisations. From keeping everyone on schedule to creating stunning visuals, these apps offer endless possibilities.

Whether you’re a teacher looking to enhance your classroom or an administrator aiming to improve communication across your institution, EasySignage has the tools you need to succeed. So why not give them a try? Contact us today and see how EasySignage can transform the way you communicate with your students, staff, and visitors.

Embrace the future of education with EasySignage and watch as your educational organisation transforms into a hub of innovation and efficiency.