Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Digital Signage

Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Digital Signage

Social media refers to digital channels where people all around the globe interact, exchange, and share different ideas and information. The impact and importance of social media in today’s world cannot be denied.

The potential this platform has in distributing information worldwide within seconds is astounding. Social media’s widespread influence as a powerful communication medium in cities and remote areas can be witnessed daily.

But this digital revolution is far from reaching a pinnacle, and many more virtual communication collaborations are about to amass. One such collaboration is between social media and digital or electronic signage displays. Digital signage refers to using display technologies such as LED walls or LCD monitors to vividly display videos, directions, or webpages for marketing purposes. By using display technologies, digital signage has proved its worth by improving customer experience through increased exposure of marketing brands.

Defining Social Media Digital Signage

Social media digital signage is an amalgam of digital signage displays with social media platforms to increase people’s engagement in real time. In the marketing world, social media’s dominance does not seem to dim anytime soon. The latest show of this dominance can be seen through the emergence of social media digital signage. Through social media digital signage, the way customers interact with marketing brands has changed tremendously. Customers can now interact with brands through social media platforms in physical locations by integrating two digital media fields: social media and digital signage.

Traditional marketing techniques are becoming completely obscure and transformed into brand usernames and relevant hashtags that customers can see on their smartphones or the LED walls in their homes or the marketplace. Although digital signage has been present in billboards marketing specific brands and companies for quite a while, digital technological advancements have taken it to an upgraded level. This level now features projectors and high-tech screens that appeal to the public more in terms of the dynamics of the content.

Some screens are dedicated to showing social media content only at specific events. These screens are referred to as social walls. The major difference between these social walls and social media digital signage is the duration of the marketing campaign that runs through digital technologies. Where the content shown on social walls is limited to that event or series of events, the engaging content shown through social media digital signage is for months and often exceeds up to years.

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Why Is Social Media Digital Signage Beneficial For Your Brand?

A remarkable opportunity is provided through social media digital signage to increase customer interactions with customers more engagingly. Followers engage more with the content because content posted through social media and digital signage feels original and sincere. Integrating social media and digital signage builds a stronger connection between the brand and the customers, ultimately proving instrumental in enhancing customer engagement. Following are some proven benefits that can be seen by employing social media digital signage as a marketing tool for any brand:

  1. Increased Interaction With Customers: Customer interaction with the brand increases using touch screens that employ social marketing campaigns such as giveaways or photo-taking. Social posts are displayed in real-time by using social media digital signage, which creates a bustle in the social community, increasing the popularity of the brand beyond the passive content.

  2. Boost Your Social Media Presence: Social media digital signage has the potential to boost the social media presence of a brand through different platforms. The effort brought into this integrated marketing tool is minimal, and the content shown is constant in its authenticity.

Combining Social Media Platforms With Digital Signage Displays

In today’s world, any business owner realizes the power social media has in building the brand and worth of a company. The value of any good business can be improved within a matter of time if social media is used for marketing the campaign of the brand’s features and tools. A trending viral post featuring a single moment tends to make or break a company. Such is the power of social media in the business and economic community. For a business to attract a wide variety of target audiences, a well-known and well-liked social media presence is nothing short of a necessity.

The goal of social media platforms and digital signage displays is the same: making a business profitable by making the social media presence well-structured through marketing campaigns. By pairing those two digital technologies together to form social media, digital signage is bound to have a synergistic effect which is evident in the outcomes seen for multiple brands in the world who employ this latest marketing tool to popularize their company features.

Some simple ways to combine these two different realms to achieve maximum results in your campaigns include:

  1. Build informational social influence:

Informational social influence or social proof is a psychological technique used extensively in digital marketing. The term states that in certain situations, people are prone to copy other people’s actions to mimic their behavior. Social proof is a popular marketing strategy used today where companies pay social media influencers to market their products or give positive reviews to their followers, consequently increasing the productivity of the company’s brand. Use the same principle and testimonials of your customers in a presentable form in your digital signage as part of an advertising campaign.

  1. Screening your social streams:

Regularly screening social media platform content is necessary so that negative comments from customers can be excluded from the digital signage. To show only positive content about your brand on the digital screen, many apps and software allow you to monitor the content in real time.

  1. Boosting your social interactions with the customers:

One of the logical reasons for pairing up social media platforms with digital signage displays is to increase social media engagement with the customers. When your customers use your hashtags on social media platforms, they actively engage with your brand’s content and participate in your marketing campaign. A clever tip from the company would be to reply to one of these comments containing the hashtag and then use the conversation on digital signage displays as a marketing strategy and campaign.

By treating social media as a two-way conversation platform, you tell your rival campaigns that you are acutely aware of your customer base. When a brand replies to a specific customer on a social platform, that customer also advocates for the brand as part of the marketing strategy. A dynamic is created on your digital signage displays when positive conversations with customers like this appear on social media platforms.

  1. Invite customers to your brand:

The world is filled with people obsessed with fashion, brands, and campaigns. You will see people talking and discussing different brands and companies everywhere on social media. In your marketing strategy, you need to get people to talk and discuss your brand on social media platforms. A simple solution to this obstacle is inviting people by using your hashtags. If a customer uses your hashtag, that customer’s name will be displayed on your digital signage in your marketing campaigns.

Over time you will see that it is an effective solution where one customer will respond and invite others to do the same. Slowly but surely, your social media presence will become gigantic enough that you will start to see the fruits of your marketing campaigns through digital signage displays. You can also introduce gamified content in your interactive campaigns to increase customer engagement with the brand. Gamified content can also be incorporated with different features such as discounts, gifts, vouchers, etc.

Use This Top-Class Marketing Tool Now

As a marketing tool, social media digital signage is a top-class upgraded form to engage customers towards a brand by showcasing social tags and promoting organic content. Use this tool to the fullest capabilities in your business if your customers are constantly in contact with digital technologies such as smartphones. The social media presence of your brand becomes a well-known entity in the community, and with that, customer engagement and interaction with the brand are also enhanced. What these two technologies in integrated form can achieve for your brand is so much more than the individual potential of either of these digital marketing tools.

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