Enhancing Library Experience with Digital Signage - What to Showcase

Enhancing Library Experience with Digital Signage - What to Showcase

In today’s digital age, libraries are not just about stacks of books and quiet study corners. They have evolved into dynamic community spaces, embracing technology to enhance visitor experiences. Digital signage offers libraries a powerful tool to engage customers, promote services, and foster a vibrant learning environment.

In this blog post, we will explore the potential of digital signage for libraries and discuss what to showcase screens to optimise their impact.

1. Welcome and Orientation

Digital signage at library entrances can serve as a friendly welcome for visitors. A visually appealing, dynamic display can greet visitors with messages like “Welcome to Your Library” or showcase inspirational quotes related to reading and learning.

Additionally, navigating a large library can be intimidating for newcomers. Digital signage can serve as an interactive wayfinding tool, guiding visitors to different sections and resources within the library. With intuitive maps and directories, visitors can quickly locate books, study areas, restrooms, and other essential facilities, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Library Digital Signage


2. Upcoming Events and Workshops

Libraries are community hubs that host various events, workshops, and presentations. Digital signage can advertise these activities, displaying event details, dates, and times. By featuring eye-catching graphics and animations, libraries can draw more attendees to their programs, ranging from book clubs and author talks to art exhibitions and technology workshops.

Promoting reading is at the core of any library’s mission. Digital signage can be leveraged to showcase an ever-changing selection of recommended books, highlighting genres, new releases, and staff picks. To make it interactive, libraries can invite visitors to share their favourite reads, turning the display into a virtual book club.

4. Digital Storytelling

Libraries are places of storytelling and imagination. Digital signage can extend this tradition by featuring short stories, poems, or excerpts from books by local authors. By rotating content regularly, the screens can become a platform for aspiring writers to showcase their talent, enriching a sense of community and creativity.

5. Library Services and Resources

Many library visitors may need to learn the full range of services and resources available. Use digital signage to highlight lesser-known offerings, such as access to online databases, e-books, audiobooks, digital magazines, language learning tools, and genealogy resources. It is possible to include videos and demonstratuons to showcase the ease of accessing these services.

6. Fun Quizzes and Trivia

Inject fun and learning by incorporating interactive quizzes and trivia related to literature, history, or general knowledge. These quizzes can be updated regularly and offer rewards or incentives to encourage participation, transforming the library visit into an entertaining and educational experience.

7. Local Community Information

Libraries often serve as information centres for the local community. Utilise digital signage to display announcements from local organisations, upcoming community events, job listings, and public service announcements. This will establish the library as a vital hub for information dissemination within the neighbourhood.

8. Library News and Achievements

Keep visitors informed about library news, such as recent acquisitions, infrastructure developments, or awards won. Sharing stories of how the library positively impacts people’s lives can foster a sense of pride and ownership among visitors.


Digital signage is an exciting opportunity for libraries to engage and connect with patrons, showcasing a wide array of content. The key is to balance education, entertainment, and community engagement, ultimately enriching the library experience. As libraries evolve, embracing digital signage is a step towards a more dynamic, interactive, welcoming future.

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