The Power of Digital Signage for Deskless Workers - Enhancing Workplace Communication

The Power of Digital Signage for Deskless Workers - Enhancing Workplace Communication

In today’s fast-paced world, digital technology has transformed how we communicate, and businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to engage their employees. For deskless workers, who are often on the move or need access to traditional communication channels, staying informed can be a significant challenge.

Thankfully, digital signage has become a powerful tool to bridge this communication gap and promote better engagement among employees who don’t work at a desk.

In this blog article, we will explore the benefits of digital signage in enhancing workplace communication for deskless employees and how it can contribute to a more productive and informed workforce.



Deskless workers are those who don’t have access to a desk or computer but work in customer-facing roles such as sales associates, retail workers, delivery drivers, field technicians, healthcare professionals and many others. They are often the ones who are on the ground, carrying out essential tasks.

Unlike office-based employees, these workers often do not have access to emails, intranets, or other traditional communication methods due to their work environment or mobility constraints. These employees are usually on the move and are the face of a company for customers. Deskless workers are an integral part of many businesses.

Digital Signage for Deskless Workers


Inaccessibile to Information

Deskless workers are often left out of the loop regarding company communications and training. They miss important updates, training sessions, and other information that can impact your work. Traditional methods of communication, such as emails, are only sometimes effective. These workers face unique challenges when accessing information and staying up-to-date with company updates.

  1. Information Gap: Deskless workers may need to be aware of important corporate news, safety procedures, or upgrades, which might cause misunderstandings and inefficiencies.

  2. Disengagement: When employees feel disconnected from the organisation, their motivation, job satisfaction, and productivity may suffer.

  3. Inconsistent Messaging: When managers cannot communicate critical information to the whole workforce simultaneously, inconsistent messaging may result.

  4. Safety concerns: In specific fields, including manufacturing and construction, the lack of prompt safety alarms may endanger workers’ lives.


The Rise of Digital Signage for Deskless Workers

Digital signage is a display screen that can be used for advertising, marketing, and communication purposes. It’s a powerful tool for reaching deskless workers, as it’s accessible, easy to use, and can be deployed anywhere.

Digital signage provides interactive content to deskless workers and assists with their daily tasks. Ensuring the content is engaging, informative, and easy to access is essential.


Benefits of Digital Signage for Deskless Workers

  1. Real-time Information Sharing: With digital signage, organisations can share important announcements, updates, and emergency notifications. Deskless workers no longer rely on bulletin boards or word-of-mouth communication, ensuring they are always up-to-date.

  2. Increased Productivity: Deskless workers can use digital signage to access training materials, product information, and other resources to help them perform their jobs better. This leads to increased productivity and improved customer service.

  3. Increased Engagement: Deskless workers can feel isolated and disconnected from the rest of the organisation, mainly if they are not located in a central office. Digital signage helps to engage deskless workers and make them feel valued. Companies can create a sense of community among their employees by providing access to information and resources.

  4. Training and Development: Through digital displays, deskless workers can access training videos, interactive modules, and on-the-job tips. This continuous learning approach enhances skill development and job performance.

  5. Cost-effective: Digital signage is more cost-effective than traditional employee communication and training methods. Companies can save money on printing, shipping, and distribution costs and employee time spent on training.

  6. Flexibility: Digital signage can be used anywhere, anytime, and updated instantly. This makes it an ideal solution for companies with deskless workers who are always on the move.

  7. Improved Safety: In hazardous work environments, real-time safety alerts on digital signage can prevent accidents and ensure that employees follow proper safety protocols.


Implementing an Effective Digital Signage Strategy

To maximise the benefits of digital signage for deskless workers, organisations should follow these essential steps:

  1. Identify Communication Goals: Understand the specific needs of deskless workers and outline clear communication objectives. This may include improving safety awareness, enhancing job training, or increasing employee morale.

  2. Content Relevance: Consider using visuals, infographics, and videos to help deliver your point more clearly, and ensure the information presented is relevant.

  3. Placement and Accessibility: Strategically position digital displays in areas with high foot traffic where deskless workers are most likely to see them. Ensure they are easily accessible, even in busy work environments.

  4. Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive elements to encourage engagement and participation. Polls, quizzes, and feedback mechanisms create a sense of involvement among employees.

  5. Analytics and Feedback: Utilize data analytics to measure the effectiveness of the digital signage strategy. Gather feedback from deskless workers to understand their preferences and needs better.

Safety Protocols for Deskless Workers


How Can EasySignage Help?

EasySignage is a digital signage solution designed to help organisations communicate effectively with their deskless workers.

  • It helps to overcome these challenges by providing a centralised platform for organisations to display important information on screens in the workplace. This information can include health and safety guidelines, company updates, training material, and other important information that deskless workers need to know.

  • Easily update and make this information accessible to all employees, improving communication and ensuring that deskless workers have the information they need to perform their job effectively.

  • Offers a range of customisation options, allowing organisations to tailor the information displayed to meet the specific needs of their deskless workers. For example, organisations can display data in multiple languages to accommodate a diverse workforce or select specific screens for information relevant to a particular department or location.

  • In addition to improving communication and engagement, EasySignage also helps to increase efficiency and productivity. By providing deskless workers with the information they need to perform their job effectively, EasySignage reduces the time and effort spent searching for information, allowing workers to focus on their tasks and finish more quickly.

  • EasySignage is also a cost-effective solution for organisations looking to improve communication with their deskless workers. With no need for expensive hardware or IT infrastructure, organisations can quickly and easily set up a digital signage system with EasySignage, reducing costs and increasing the return on investment.



Consider investing in EasySignage if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that helps organisations to overcome the challenges of communicating with deskless workers and keep them informed and connected.

Remember, effective communication is the key to unlocking the full potential of your workforce, and EasySignage is the key to effective communication for deskless employees, with its centralised platform, customisation options, and ability to improve engagement and productivity.

Contact us today to learn more about our digital signage solutions that have a variety of templates, tools and features that allow you to create custom digital signs with ease which can be a great way to reach your deskless workers.