When coupled, the software included with EasySignage and the Twitter mobile application make it relatively easy to show tweets in real time on a screen much larger than what is generally used for this purpose. EasySignage makes it easy to construct a playlist using your Twitter feed, and it offers you the option to change the playlist to meet the criteria imposed by the unique circumstance you are dealing with.

When a user connects the EasySignage app to their Twitter account, they have quick access to a useful tool that they may use in their regular activities. Users may now see tweets on a much larger screen as a result of new capability. Users will be able to take use of this feature after the app is connected to Twitter. If employed properly, this capability has the potential to give great advantages to one. This might be done for a number of purposes, such as in preparation for an event, for marketing duties, or even in some cases simply for the sake of having fun. The approach of showing tweets on a big screen may be utilized in a range of circumstances and can concurrently satisfy a significant number of various criteria in a variety of different ways.