Using applications provided by and displaying them on digital signage panels may be an effective method for keeping both consumers and staff up to date on the most recent news and happenings. is a well-known news and information website that is based in Australia. The site covers a broad variety of subjects, including politics, sports, entertainment, and other areas. Displaying applications from on digital signage panels enables businesses to provide a helpful resource to their audience while also keeping them informed and interested in what they have to offer.

Customers are able to better plan their shopping trips by using an app like’s that is shown on digital signage in a retail store, for example. This app might give real-time information on the weather or traffic conditions. Similarly, a app that is shown on digital signage in a workplace environment may offer updates on breaking news or key events, therefore keeping staff informed and engaging them in conversation.

In general, integrating applications from into digital signage boards may be a useful tool for companies who want to boost audience engagement and keep customers informed all the time.