9 News

Using the 9 News app as a news feed for your digital signage with EasySignage is a great way to keep your customers or employees up to speed on the latest news and current events.

By showing the most current news stories from the 9 News app on your digital signage devices with EasySignage, you can guarantee that everyone who stops by is up to date on the latest headlines. This allows you to see just the most current news items. The EasySignage platform makes it simple to create customised digital signage displays that promote your brand and content while also providing the most recent news updates.

If you obtain your news from the 9 News app, you can be certain that the information you share with your audience will be accurate, up to date, and relevant. In general, businesses and organisations who wish to educate and engage their audiences may create a powerful tool by combining the 9 News app with the EasySignage app and employing it together.